Upcoming Events

Hi people seems like there are always events to tell you about, i thought it would be easier  to just create a separate page for events so you can just catch up with the latest coming up events without it disturbing our usual gist ;).

So this is one page you’d like to follow closely.

Here i get to give you all the tidbits and things to look out for.. all the fun stuff and events – some organized by just us girls. so check it out as often as you get the opportunity.

i’ll let you know when there are any events i think you should not miss or great deals you should get in on 😉

Trust me it’ll be worth checking out whenever you’re here.

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. I luv wat u re doin & I wud like 2 b prt of it. More strength 2 ur elbow. So wateva event/events comin up wud like 2 knw & try 2 plan & come.

  2. i luv wat u pple re doin i will appreciate if all upcoming events will get to me.:D

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