After a series of mis-carriages (three times), I asked God to give me two babies! I named them and expected  them. I asked for a girl and a boy. I also asked for perfect / divine health for my angel Chisom (my first son). Everyone who knew me knew that I was believing God for a set of twin.

I attended the program IMELA at DCC in 2013. When I walked into church that day, there were bowls with tiny papers in them and each paper had its own quotation. Everyone was asked to pick before going to sit and I picked Deuteronomy 7:14;
when a message is from God, there is no doubt because he confirms it in multiple ways.

During the program, Mrs Idahosa told of the many IVFs she did, how they failed, how she had a baby via IVF and the baby died. She gave her testimony on how she believed God for her children and showed her babies to the whole congregation present. I sat down while worship was going on and said a prayer, “God, I will not have babies for them to die”.

To the Glory of God, I conceived my twins in 2013 and even though there were reasons to fear based on what my body did; I had bleeding episodes, times that looked like I was having miscarriages but I stood on God’s word because just like my prayer in 2012, I had asked God for twins, I was carrying a set of twins.

My testimony of a set of twin for me is complete with the miraculous birth of Valerie and Sean on January 01, 2014. They came on my birthday as special miracles (their EDD was March), they came as early arrivals and my Chisom became 6years old in April 2014, strong and very healthy.
Lord, I testify of your good works! You make everything beautiful! Your time is indeed perfect.



BABY SEAN ARINZE baby 2 arinze



After Pastor Kingsley’s message on seed sowing, I got the opportunity to wash the bedspread /pillow-cases/curtains/aprons of the Preserved Generation crèche as a seed towards not loosing another pregnancy.After the loss of two pregnancies, we were advised that I should not conceive except the mass of fibroid was removed.  We sorted medical advice everywhere because the two experiences showed that I had to stop working and avoid a lot of chores if I get pregnant again. In January 2013 a well meaning friend took me to see a doctor. After lots of medical test, the doctor told me point blank to put my faith aside because he believes medical science could pin point the challenge I was facing. That was the last time I saw him, I couldn’t drop my faith and wait on medical science.

Before the end of Pastor Mildred’s message in April, I sowed at the altar, believing that my miracle was just around the corner and according to my husband, it was right there on that altar that I conceived our Godly seed because we connected to the Anointing of the House.

During Imela, I just flowed with the spirit of praise and thanksgiving while awaiting my own miracle. By the end of august, I was elated to find out that I had already concluded my first trimester. From conception till birth was a miracle galore!

There was provision at every point of need. I was at the hospital several times and each time, the bills were paid. Our Imela baby is an over comer! As an embryo, Irene survived with three(3) masses of fibroids that were bigger than her and several early contractions.

All through each medical condition, the provisions came supernaturally! God’s people were there for us ALL THE WAY.

Right now, our Imela baby: Irene is very healthy and as Pastor M already gave the Word, the only reason she goes to the hospital hence is for Immunization.–SARAH SHINE AYOADE.












 RICH UNTO ALL…Miracle Babies for me and my friend.

I was invited for the 2013 WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP program by my colleague. Prior to that time all i knew was Pastor Kingsley on STV teaching about Love, Dating and Marriage. His teachings had been a great blessing to me, it had changed so many things in my life and marriage. I came to IMELA not for myself, but with the mindset of representing a friend and two of my aunties, I stood in the gap for them when Pastor Mildred prayed for those believing God by the end of the month i discovered i was pregnant and the friend I prayed for was also pregnant.

After I gave birth, I had no choice but to name my daughter “Mildred”, so that I will always remember the Pastor that blessed me, because if not for the programme I would not have had her.

Thank God!






I got married May 2013 and my husband suggested we wait for a year before we start having children. I said okay, thank God, we’ll wait. I had no fears about having children or giving birth. Imela was in June, the month after my wedding and immediately after Imela i found out i was pregnant. Throughout the pregnancy period God’s hand was evident upon my life, He was with us and he gave us a beautiful baby girl.


I am really grateful to God, i am “thank full” because i didn’t have to start worrying about trying to have a baby. God took the worry away from me.






My God is a CHAMPION!
I was diagnosed of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in 2006.  I had a full face of horrible acne to show for it. I had the worst of periods, I had to skip work once every month, the first day of my period because of unbearable pain. Hospital almost became second home at a point and I was advised by my doctor then to get pregnant ASAP  but at thirty(30) I was still not married. I lived in and out of worry of my future.

I want to thank The God who watches over every word He speaks over our lives to perform it. From the minute I joined DCC in January 2013 (after marriage) by default I stopped thinking about PCOS.

At Imela ”God spoke” and today I have the most amazing daughter every mother deserves. She is A(Adorable Ada) B(Beulah) C (Chimamanda).
You are truly amazing my God!








Over a year of getting married we had been trusting God for a child. During the course of our waiting we had been speaking and declaring what we wanted to see; I did not want any of the usual ailments that comes with pregnancy, we had even agreed that the period the baby is due it will be stress less (short, easy and  sharp).  We were also very expectant. We took a step of faith by painting our baby’s room blue and did blue tiles on the floor for a baby boy because that’s what we really wanted.

This was months before Imela.

During the program, Pastor M made declarations over our lives and I connected to those words. The Monday just after Imela the Holy Spirit told me to do a pregnancy test at home, ‘early in the morning’, I checked that morning and I was positive, I was so excited, I knew it could only be God. Just like the word went forth the Testimony of Jesus (Pastor M) is the spirit of Prophecy; the word had produced in my life!!!  IMELA PAPA.—-CHILOMA NWIGWE







I got married on the 16th of March, 2013. Prior to my getting married, I had been praying to get pregnant on time because I had heard some funny prophecies while I was growing up, and I had also seen women with delay in having children suffer in marriage. Pastor M told me about When Women Worship and I decided to attend. I worshiped that day like I was not normal, the lady beside me had to change seat because of me. I was lost in worship.  During the cause of the programme, Pastor M came out to share her testimony, I got fired-up, i was so inspired to receive my own testimony too. That night Pastor M, Pastor Laurie Idahosa and Sister Bolanle Makanju held hands and prayed from the altar. I said amen and believed it was done and went home rejoicing. A while after the program I started having feverish condition, I did a pregnancy test and it was negative. I tried several times to see my miracle but it kept showing negative. My husband then asked me to go for a blood test since I wasn’t getting any better. I started itching some days before the blood test, I thought it was toilet infection, so I bought Mycoten(the one that’s inserted). I used it twice and started seeing blood. I was confused because I didn’t understand why I was bleeding so I went for a pregnancy test three days after. I was confirmed pregnant!!!(6weeks pregnant) I was very happy. I and my husband went for a scan some days later. The Sinologist checked and checked, he had a frown on his face and looked a bit sorry and confused. I was forced to ask him if everything was fine and he said ‘ actually, there was a pregnancy but it has been tampered with and advised we do an evacuation now because the foetus was no longer moving or breathing. My husband replied immediately that ‘God forbid, our baby is intact and there will be no need for an evacuation’.

We had a prayer meeting that evening, so we went there straight to wait till it was time for the meeting instead of going home. I got really angry in my spirit, I said, “this baby has come to stay, she cannot be taken, the Blessing of God makes rich and adds no sorrow”. I started confessing scriptures with the great anger in my inside

I and my husband started three days prayers that same night. The following morning I told Pastor M what the doctor said and everything that happened and also about the prayers my husband and I started. I thought she would pray but she laughed instead and said ‘devil ntoi’. I wondered why she laughed instead of praying, so she asked me, ‘and what do you believe? I told her what I believed and she said “its settled then…I will carry this baby”. I quickly keyed into her laughter and began to laugh at the devil using.

On the morning of the 3rd day after the nights prayer of agreement with my husband, I slept off and then it happened like a trance, I saw a man who walked up to me and said ‘IREOLUWA OLUWADARASIMI…I didn’t understand so I tried to beckon on him to explain but he turned and left, and I woke up. I immediately called my husband to ask for the meaning of the names, he said the first one is ‘the wonders of God, and the second is ‘God is good to me’. I thought about it a while then I began to call the names loud, very loud. I dressed up immediately to go do a scan saying ‘I see what I say’. We got to the scan room and the doctor put the machine on my tummy and all we heard was a sound! A breathing sound! And we saw it with our eyes! Our baby was there! Breathing! God’s resurrection came on a dead foetus and it bounced back to life!!!

On delivery day, our baby came out lifeless because the chord tied her neck in the process of trying to come out. I screamed when I saw her in that state and said, “God you said those who put their trust in you will not be put to shame’ God you know that all my trust is in you, don’t let me be ashamed” I said that repeatedly till I heard our baby cry!…like Pastor M always say “the word of God works” Praise God!!!


ire_saco@1mnth-24 saco and family-84




I held unto God’s word concerning the fruit of the womb and safe delivery when Pastor Mrs Idahosa shared her testimony at IMELA. I felt we had similar experiences except that I didn’t have any surviving child. I lost 2 pregnancies in 2012, the first one to a case of pre-eclampsia after spending two and a half months in the hospital the baby died at 31 weeks, the second in October 2012 after 12 weeks. In 2013 I was told I had high blood pressure and was receiving treatment for it. I told God I would not have high blood pressure in pregnancy. At Imela I held on to the word and continued to speak that I will testify as well. I told God that month will be the last month my blood pressure will be high because I will be pregnant the next month. And true to God’s word I was pregnant the next month and my testimony came to pass on the 8th of April, 2014. Behold Daniella Oyinyechukwu Nwaoboli.. I say IMELA PAPA according to Pastor M.






Wow, when women worship. I had looked forward to that day but I never knew what being present there would be like. I came with a lot of expectations so in that attitude i began to worship in God’s presence. With tears washing my face and the presence of God wrapped around me,  i heard the Holy Spirit clearly say, empty your account. I was like “WHAT?”…. The crying increased more, not from being in his presence but because of what i heard.  I started making excuses that it could not have been from God that He knows I’ve been trying to save for a while but the voice became stronger, sow everything. i came home and i told my husband about it thinking that he would say that it wasn’t the voice of God, he said i should go ahead and do it.
I brought my seed to church and gave it.
I had been going to the hospital because i wanted to have a baby so bad and all i got was a lot of negative results; trust me the poking and all they need to check was just a painful experience for me. i came home crying because at the end of the day no absolute solution was given.I tried another option in December but still no positive results. My husband got upset and said enough, that i had sown my seed and that it’s God who gives children. The month January came and God said it was time. On the 2nd of January we miraculously got a car for a ridiculous amount. In the same month while my husband was driving me to work he got a call to resume work. i couldn’t handle any more surprises from God it was too much  and i jokily said to my hubby, it would be funny if i got pregnant this month and that’s just what happened From the month of January till date i have been sowing seed on behalf of my daughter Shalom.

I am now 6 months pregnant and each time i look at my growing belly, i smile knowing full well that the word of God works.




At IMELA last year, I stood in the gap praying for one of my colleagues who had been married for 10 years without a child.I called her to tell her that i had prayed and told her the year would not end without a proof of pregnancy.Two months later, she called to say thank you and informed me that she was pregnant. Praise God.

-Nkechi Amangbo.



Pastor M’s testimony is a clear evidence of God’s faithfulness. Although I was pregnant already during IMELA, I tapped into Pastor M’s testimony of a “stress free” pregnancy. After all what God has done for one, He will do for another in the same circumstance. I totally held on to God’s Word in Isaiah 66:7-9.

Few weeks to my EDD, I was led by the Holy Spirit to ask for strength during delivery. Of course I didn’t hesitate. After that I started praising God for my beautiful delivery. I had pinged Pastor M earlier and in our discussion out of the blues she said she wished I would give birth on 15th of January, I quickly said Amen.

On the 15th of January, I felt the first kick of contraction. During delivery of my Taama, I pushed with all the  little strength and nothing was happening and I quickly remembered in my Spirit what the Holy Spirit told me weeks back, I bust out in tongues and after two pushes my Taama was born on the  15th of January.

Worthy of mention was the fact that my water broke two days before I gave birth and my Taama defecated while in my tummy and because of that her paediatrician feared that her heart might be infected and that she may have a hole in her heart. A scripture quickly came into my spirit and I immediately told him she will “NEVER” have a hole in her heart, as he left the room, I laid hands on my daughter and declared the scripture that came to my heart which says ‘every good and perfect gift comes from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness nor shadow of turning… James 1:17’.

I declared that she’s a godly seed therefore she is PERFECT. She was wheeled out, tested, returned to me with an inconclusive result. The next day she was wheeled out for another test. I was calm in my spirit because I had the Word of God. Few hours later she was brought back to me with a PERFECT result and I was like ‘before nko!’. My beautiful Taama is strong and healthy. God is faithful!!!


IMG_4223 IMG_4105





































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