Firefly lessons ~ Blessings Emmanuel

I’m ever thrilled by the firefly. As a little girl, I spent a reasonable amount of time chasing after fireflies at night. Sometimes I sang for them, I danced, clapped and stomped my feet in rhythms, hoping my various acrobatic displays will get their attention. Who wouldn’t be enchanted by the elegance of fireflies at twilight or their brilliant dazzle when the moon graces them … Continue reading Firefly lessons ~ Blessings Emmanuel

We Regret to inform you ~ Kay~dee Mashile

I haven’t been desperately looking for work in the past few years as I have either been employed or pursuing the growth of my business ventures. But when COVID-19 hit, everyone was somewhat affected. For me, an entrepreneur whose whole livelihood depended on conferences and events at the time, it meant that I had to look for new work. Granted, I knew that finding a … Continue reading We Regret to inform you ~ Kay~dee Mashile

3 lessons

Hello people and all my single ladies 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻, it’s been a fun week with all our Easter posts and just seeing all the various interpretations of what Easter means and the many lessons we learnt from the Easter story. As a Christian Easter isn’t a one day celebration thing, it’s not just a holiday we mark on our calendars or time off work, for us … Continue reading 3 lessons