Happy Valentine

Hi guys,
So valentine is here finally and the way everyone is carrying on you would think it was a public holiday….the fact that it isn’t doesn’t that tell us something? #justsaying.

All the supermarkets jam packed, bakeries overstretched, bakers overworked, restaurants overbooked. It’s hilarious really if you ask me.

Men who have never done anything nice now go all out just to get the girl… my pk always says the cure for February 14th is February 15th…lol

As much as I agree, I sincerely believe that the nine months that follow are more of a cure especially when alone in that delivery room in November…


This one day love that causes problems for women that last 18 years. It is well o! Please don’t get me wrong…im a romantic and I believe in love…not lust…but love. so if you find someone who loves you…and by that I mean only you…


Not one that you have to watch what you say or do around him once it’s February


If you find that one person that makes your life worth living, that carries your heart like he knows God personally gave it to him and said “keep this for me please “, that person that makes you laugh no matter how hard your day was


if you find that one person by all means please celebrate your love and if you choose February 14th to do so…well then, HAPPY VALENTINES

Speaking of valentines. My winners are…. drum rolls…lol!

de Mark,
doctorzi ,
motunde akiode,
ms giddy,
….and Ada for harassing me so much ….and Eziaha for asking so nicely
…..and finally, Johnson For reblogging …

Ok guys call 08077714411… but please call on Monday. I choose to Val you on that day… lol!


Don’t forget teens groove later today, unmasked tomorrow and date night on Sunday
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Still Waiting Lord…

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