Day 5: Miraculous God!

Hey people, guess what? It’s Thankful Tuesday! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ Yesterday in the office, I sat down just thinking to myself… “God is a good God!” And I know you’re thinking well we know he is… but I really was thinking and pondering about it for a while… like he is good, it’s his nature, it’s who he is.. he can’t but be good, even if he … Continue reading Day 5: Miraculous God!

#August30series: Twos and Eights

Yay!!! It’s one of my two special days in August Everyone who knows me or even knows about me probably knows by now why August 22 is so special to me. Yep! You guessed right it’s because of these two amazing miracles God sent to me. So I’m glad today is thankful Tuesday because I definitely have a reason to thank God and to be … Continue reading #August30series: Twos and Eights

#August30series: beautiful people

Still going strong… Today I’m doing a combo of Thankful Tuesday and dilemma Tuesday. Do you know what that means? You get a double portion today yay!!! And I’m doing this because I need to push myself. I am sooooo tired. But tired ain’t got nothing on me. So rather than go AWOL on you guys I decided to put “my body under” and go … Continue reading #August30series: beautiful people