Hey Ladies!! I’ve absolutely missed you guys!! Maybe I’m being a tad bit dramatic.. lol, but seriously tho.. seems like this is becoming my regular opener.. πŸ™ˆ. We all have to ensure this STOPS it’s a matter of National Security, and we need all hands on deck! 😐 Ok but for real this time, lol.. I’m officially back! 😁 back to blogging.. 😌 Feels so … Continue reading #FlashBackFriday

#JUGN Doing Life Together

I love September. Yeah I know it’s funny to be saying that in October but I’m just sitting here thinking It’s been the most amazing two weeks. Actually it’s been an amazing month and two weeks. Counting from September 1st Hectic but amazing nontheless. I can’t even begin to explain how in awe of God I am. It’s been a whole lot of activity at … Continue reading #JUGN Doing Life Together

WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP ….. IMELA…. the night as it was.

Hi people, Were you at the just concluded WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP CONFERENCE? What? Are you kidding me? You mean you missed IMELA. Choi! Where do I start from o! I can try but can I ever really put into words the experience of the night? You see why I say don’t miss events like this? Is it the unbelievably hot praise and worship that the … Continue reading WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP ….. IMELA…. the night as it was.