Hey people I'm back Wow! It's been so hectic. I honestly cannot believe how much we've been up to in the last few weeks. Quick recap in pictures. First, Color conference in london God knows I love me some Bobbie ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then on to Just us girls meeting in Uk ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hannahs Heart UK … Continue reading NEVER ALONE

Gospel Artiste EBEN goes “ALL THE WAY” with colossal concert and album launch.

hi guys i really feel bad that I’m just doing this. seeing as the concert is in a few hours but i guess better late than never right? i ย was going to do a full blog post but hey, why bother when God has used another great writer/blogger. so im reblogging ๐Ÿ™‚

okay so, if you want to read what i think about Eben then you probably have to be at the event to get a copy of the brochure . hehehehe.

ok guys see you later. my pk is back home now so I’m on a major sulking spree . i miss him so much i didnt think it was possible to feel like this *crying rolling on the floor*

i wish i was in lagos now but im not but if you are, then I’m major beefing you right now (just kidding) but be at David’s Christian Centre tomorrow for exciting services in the morning 7am and 9am and if you are on the island , good for you cos you get to hear pk live too at SIGNED SEALED AND DELIVERED at 11am civic centre opposite 1004 ozumba mbadiwe road VI. music by PITA. now you know you shouldn’t miss it. full day sha cos Eben’s concert then comes up in the evening. have fun guys.

i wish i were you lagos people right now….. *still crying*

If you see my pk tomorrow at any of these meetings, please tell him i miss him too much ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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I still remember. It must have been about 4 years ago or so while I was watching the TV when this music video came on air and a music band was playing on what also appeared to be roof-top of an uncompleted building.

imara 2

I didnโ€™t really make much out of the song then until when a young man who seemed to be the lead singer of the band grabbed the mic and in a husky voice, he went โ€œWetinย dey happen ooo, why are we gathered hereโ€. โ€ฆ. I was still trying to figure out who the artiste was and what the song was all about when he went โ€œimaranmaย Papa. Imaranmaย Eze. Imaranma Papa. Where You are is where I wanna beโ€.

All of a sudden, believe me the song began to make sense.

It was different from your average gospel song and best of all, I loved the music genre โ€“โ€ฆ

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