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Somehow this is largely what I hear in my head when I think of decluttering.L etting it all go. Making room for fresh air. There may be sentimental attachments but you can rest assured that you will be just fine without them, I dare say even better. Those unfruitful whatsapp groups, pointless Instagram pages, toxic relationships, unhealthy acquaintances, thoughts and habits, just ‘mark all’ and … Continue reading DECLUTTER THE CLUTTER


Hey people I’m back Wow! It’s been so hectic. I honestly cannot believe how much we’ve been up to in the last few weeks. Quick recap in pictures. First, Color conference in london God knows I love me some Bobbie 😍😍😍😍 ————————————————————————- Then on to Just us girls meeting in Uk ————————————————————————- Hannahs Heart UK ————————————————————————- Asaba Then off to woman 2 woman conference which … Continue reading NEVER ALONE

#JUGN Conference 2017

  Please DO NOT miss this. It’s going to be a life changing experience. I’m so excited. Just 3 days to go.     Have you registered? It’s free.   Register here for JUGN Conference   Hurry and Register now. Pick a Team and buy a t-shirt.     It’s not compulsory but a little birdie told me there’s something special for those who wear … Continue reading #JUGN Conference 2017

Gospel Artiste EBEN goes “ALL THE WAY” with colossal concert and album launch.

hi guys i really feel bad that I’m just doing this. seeing as the concert is in a few hours but i guess better late than never right? i  was going to do a full blog post but hey, why bother when God has used another great writer/blogger. so im reblogging 🙂 okay so, if you want to read what i think about Eben then … Continue reading Gospel Artiste EBEN goes “ALL THE WAY” with colossal concert and album launch.


Hi people I’m just wondering how many of us still do the new year resolution thingy. 😀 😀 I’m laughing because I gave up long long ago. If you’re like me barely keeping them in the first two weeks you’d give up too. I’m not too hard on myself about it though because they were never really life-changing or life-threatening resolutions. Hey! I’m still here … Continue reading 13 THINGS THAT WILL MATTER IN 2013