#August30series: Twos and Eights

Yay!!! It’s one of my two special days in August Everyone who knows me or even knows about me probably knows by now why August 22 is so special to me. Yep! You guessed right it’s because of these two amazing miracles God sent to me. So I’m glad today is thankful Tuesday because I definitely have a reason to thank God and to be … Continue reading #August30series: Twos and Eights

If He Had Known…

Hey people I kept thinking about what to post today and I thought I would draw inspiration from old posts and then I stumbled on this one by Mama and instead of duplicating efforts, I decided to share this again, because the word of God is timeless and ever true, and I hope it blesses you. —————————————————————- Easter is here! And it’s always a good … Continue reading If He Had Known…

Three For One! 

Hey people I’m sorry for the silence. To make up for it though you get three posts in one. So Thankful Tuesday, Wednesdays is for Wives and TTC Thursdays all rolled up in one. ———————————- THANKFUL TUESDAY Today I’m thankful…. Yes it’s been a hard past few days… Yes I’ve cried a lot in the last few days… Yes I’ve been very sad…. then angry…then … Continue reading Three For One! 

…don’t do it without me! 

Hello people I honestly thought I would make this a Thankful Tuesday post and yes kemi already  has a post scheduled for Tuesday  because there have been a lot of testimonies coming in -proof that it’s a year full of miracles.  However after all the work Miss Shittu put into that I just felt it would be better not to mess up neatly arranged plans. But I … Continue reading …don’t do it without me!