#August30series: Be Brave

Hello mummy Today is day 10 and it's been such a full day for me. I'm currently in Chicago for #GLS17 at Willow Creek community church. Oh! What a day it's been! Such amazing speakers Bill Hybels Sheryl Sandberg Marcus Lemoni Frederik Haren Michael jr And of course Andy Stanley whom I totally love. I've laughed, I've cried, I've been challenged, educated, inspired and wowed … Continue reading #August30series: Be Brave

Patiently Waiting…

David: “Ummy! Ummy! Ummy!!!” Running (in his mind) as fast as his chubby legs can carry him Davida: “Mummyyyy!!!” Running towards me arms open wide Dassah: “Aaaaaaaah! Mummy is back yay!” Hopping around dancing. Music to my ears. I still remember when I would walk through my doors to dead silence. Today it feels surreal. How can I be a mother of three? Me? Mummy? … Continue reading Patiently Waiting…

Three For One!Β 

Hey people I’m sorry for the silence. To make up for it though you get three posts in one. So Thankful Tuesday, Wednesdays is for Wives and TTC Thursdays all rolled up in one. ———————————- THANKFUL TUESDAY Today I’m thankful…. Yes it’s been a hard past few days… Yes I’ve cried a lot in the last few days… Yes I’ve been very sad…. then angry…then … Continue reading Three For One!Β 

Make A DecisionΒ 

Hello yummy mummy’s How have you been? January is over.Β  You know what that means right? We are getting closer to our miracle babies… to sharing your testimony. This is the point where you start to practice your hAllelujah dance … Because whether the devil likes it or not…. The party must hold…this year!Β  I need us to deal with one very important thing that … Continue reading Make A DecisionΒ