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#August30series: beautiful people

Still going strong… Today I’m doing a combo of Thankful Tuesday and dilemma Tuesday. Do you know what that means? You get a double portion today yay!!! And I’m doing this because I need to push myself. I am sooooo tired. But tired ain’t got nothing on me. So rather than go AWOL on you guys I decided to put “my body under” and go … Continue reading #August30series: beautiful people

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#August30series: Not Forgetting.

Hey peopleI'm back and it's day 2. Now today I really couldn't make up my mind which I would rather go with. Should I make it a thankful Tuesday post or a Dilemma Tuesday seeing as it's been so long since we had one and I've been itching to do a give away and what better excuse than a dilemma Tuesday. But after giving it … Continue reading #August30series: Not Forgetting.

Am I being unreasonable? Dilemma

Hi guys Dilemma tuesday is here again But before that here are the winners of the last dilemma “is this a test?” thankfully I had no hand in picking them. So if you don’t win, it wasn’t my fault or my choice. Winners are: 1. Rotanna Onyedi 2. Beehivep 3. Nneka Thanks guys you win Nathaniel Bassey ‘s latest CD “Son Of God” Please call … Continue reading Am I being unreasonable? Dilemma