Day 24: What I Want For Christmas…

By now it’s not news that I love Christmas. It’s just such a beautiful season that makes us focus on family and friends and there’s so much sharing and caring. And of course lots of presents. Funny how Christmas is no longer about what I will get for Christmas but about what I will give. I think about the gifts my kids will get, what … Continue reading Day 24: What I Want For Christmas…

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Day 22: Christmas Letterย 

Hey people I got this after Christmas last year even though it had been sent earlier. Somehow I missed it. Cos I got it January this year. Anyhow I really liked it and decided to use it this year instead. Thank you my dear troublesome Disemi. Enjoy people. I’m sure she’s writing in the behalf of so many of us. Dear Jesus, I have never … Continue reading Day 22: Christmas Letterย 

Day 3: Few of her favourite things….

Hey Everyone! It’s day 3! We are actually doing this Ladies, blogging everyday.. where my cheerleaders at!! I’m actually excited about this.. speaking of being excited.. so today I want to talk about someone really special to me!! She doesn’t like being put on a spot or being fussed about, so this has to be our own little secret. She doesn’t need to know! ๐Ÿ˜ … Continue reading Day 3: Few of her favourite things….