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All I want For Christmas …

Christmas is in the air and people are shopping for presents. People are planning family portraits to use as Christmas cards or excited about going home for Christmas. Interestingly not everyone is excited about Christmas. Nope I don’t mean non-Christians or the unchurched. They don’t mind actually in fact any holiday that gets you a few days off work or school is welcome and very … Continue reading All I want For Christmas …

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Somehow this is largely what I hear in my head when I think of decluttering.L etting it all go. Making room for fresh air. There may be sentimental attachments but you can rest assured that you will be just fine without them, I dare say even better. Those unfruitful whatsapp groups, pointless Instagram pages, toxic relationships, unhealthy acquaintances, thoughts and habits, just ‘mark all’ and … Continue reading DECLUTTER THE CLUTTER

The Gift…

Hey people How has Christmas been? Hope you didnt indulge too much on food. Be careful guys  you don’t want to start the new year undoing all that damage. Too much repair work happens in January. It’s better to use exercise as a lifestyle than a remedy for undoing Christmas damage.  So anyhow it’s Boxing Day 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 I still remember when I thought it was   And … Continue reading The Gift…

Happy Birthday Jesus 

Merry Christmas everyone… No matter how you feel today; eating rice or drinking garri,  put a big smile on your face and celebrate!!! It’s Jesus’ birthday.  Love you guys  Pastor Mildred.  Need to say a few thank you 📸 by the amazing Mr Grey @avrgrey. Wanna find him? Just use the #theavrilmagic  💄 by my darling Ruth. The only one who can convince me to … Continue reading Happy Birthday Jesus 

What Was She Thinking? 

Hey people Christmas Day is almost here and the Christmas feeling is getting stronger. And anytime it’s Christmas I find myself asking some questions. The account of Jesus’ birth is very compelling. I find that no matter how many times I read it or hear it I can’t get over how surreal it all was. Growing up Christmas wasn’t Christmas till we had watched the … Continue reading What Was She Thinking? 

Fitfam Christmas Recipes 

Hello Everyone, Let’s get right into it.. 😊. Bringing you yummy, finger licking recipes that are just right for this season, for all my sisters that don’t wanna be adding extra inches in the coming weeks 😉. Recipe for Oil less Efo Riro Ingredients A bunch of shoko leaves ( substitute spinach) 3 pieces of Medium sized Tomatoes 1 red bell pepper (tatashe) 4 scotch … Continue reading Fitfam Christmas Recipes