Day 20 – Intoxicating Enjoyment

11 more days to go ladies. Did you think we would be here by now? I almost didn’t think we’d make it past the first week. And here we are now Still going strong today we are praying about our marriage. Don’t let anyone deceive you marriage requires some serious work however God doesn’t expect it to be a chore. It’s meant to be enjoyed. … Continue reading Day 20 – Intoxicating Enjoyment

Day 16 – Where Are The Fathers?

Hey ladies It’s second half. Let’s do this!!! Something has been bothering me for a few years now. Men are missing!!!! Men have gone A.W.O.L. The same question God asked Adam in the garden is what I’m asking today as we pray. Where are you? Men? Husbands? Fathers? Too many children brought up by single mums not because their fathers are dead but because they … Continue reading Day 16 – Where Are The Fathers?

Day 15 – The Heart of The Matter.

Hello people I cannot believe we’ve gone half way. we’ve hit half time ladies!!!! However no break for you. 😁😁😁😁 Praying for your husband is a life time assignment. One you must never get tired of. Like I said during one of the Instagram live sessions praying for your husband is actually like praying for yourself because if he’s doing well then he gives you … Continue reading Day 15 – The Heart of The Matter.