#August30series: Lighten Up

Okay so I’m sure you know it’s wifey Wednesday and I’m here for you ladies. Settle in let’s talk my darlings. I asked my husband recently what advice he would give wives – knowing all he knows now and after Counseling so many couples. I expected him to say something like pray for your husband or respect your husband. You know stuff we always seem … Continue reading #August30series: Lighten Up

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#August30series: For Your Husband.

Day 3 people!!! Oh! My God I just realized I have my days all mixed up. Today is actually Thursday not Wednesday. Which means I did a thankful Tuesday rather than a post for wives yesterday. After all on JUGN Wednesdays is for wives. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to just go with the flow and correct this tomorrow and then … Continue reading #August30series: For Your Husband.

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Three For One! 

Hey people I’m sorry for the silence. To make up for it though you get three posts in one. So Thankful Tuesday, Wednesdays is for Wives and TTC Thursdays all rolled up in one. ———————————- THANKFUL TUESDAY Today I’m thankful…. Yes it’s been a hard past few days… Yes I’ve cried a lot in the last few days… Yes I’ve been very sad…. then angry…then … Continue reading Three For One!