If he had known

Hey people I kept thinking about what to post today and I thought I would draw inspiration from old posts and then I stumbled on this one by Mama and instead of duplicating efforts, I decided to share this again, because the word of God is timeless and ever true, and I hope it blesses you. —————————————————————- Easter is here! And it’s always a good … Continue reading If he had known

The One ~ Nkosilungile

I have met the OneThe eternal OneI have come to beholdThe One who loves me the MostThe truth is that this inseparable unionIs only by grace so I can’t really boastThe odds, in my opinionWere so high, this love came at an immeasurable cost Constantly,I am outgrowing preferencesOutgrowing genes and themesForsaking all worldly thingsThey’re all just thingsOutgrowing my self-soothing schemesGetting rid of the recycled melodiesGetting … Continue reading The One ~ Nkosilungile