Day 8: He will surely do it!

Hey people… We have a beautiful guest writer today.Β πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ She’s fun, bubbly, and has an amazing voice!! She’s a radio presenter, and her smile is beautiful. 😍😍 She’s no other than Mabel Briggs **************************************** My life totally changed 8 years ago when my marriage of 13 years ended. Not that I was surprised, I saw it coming. But, I wasn’t ready for the aftermath. Everyone kept … Continue reading Day 8: He will surely do it!

Day 5: Praise, Fame and Honor.

Hey guys! It’s day 5! Can’t believe how fast the days are going by, feels like March 1st was just yesterday… Today however, we have another guest writer! Whoop!! Whoop!! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ So I just want to say this for the record, that we at JUGN are just blessed to have such amazing women share their promises to the world through us.. you guys are just … Continue reading Day 5: Praise, Fame and Honor.

Day 4: His Rich Storehouse.

Hey ladies, its day 4 already.. and we have a very beautiful lady as our guest writer today.. I call her creatives!! She has such a creative mind, I also call her Shonda (Yea THE Shonda! that wrote greys anatomy), infact Shonda’s got nothing on her…. Listen eh! She’s about to be consulted by Shonda and y’all will hear about it (So i want it … Continue reading Day 4: His Rich Storehouse.

Day 3: Jar of Promises

Hey Ladies!! It’s day 3!!! I’m so excited!! We have another guest writer in the house. Whoop! Whoop!! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ She’s beautiful, she’s quirky and sweet… she’s such a great writer and runs her own blog Let’s welcome the Beautiful Mrs Rema Chisom Udo!! Isn’t she lovely!!! 😍😍 Oh and she has a daughter named Zoey-Maya that just looks so yummy 😍 every time i … Continue reading Day 3: Jar of Promises

Day 2: God’s Promise To Me.

Hello Ladies… It’s March!! I’ve really missed you guys! Like mama said it feels like it’s been 6 months already.. well January lasted like forever! So yea, it’s been six months…. lol So this month is themed Marching Orders!! And you’re going to hear from some amazing people 😍😍 Before I get carried away and literally write an epistle, let me introduce you to our … Continue reading Day 2: God’s Promise To Me.

Day 1: Marching Orders

Hey people, Hmmm…. I’m shocked that it’s just been two months in this year with all thats happening it feels like we’ve gone 6 months already. So as some of you know this year JUGN will be 10. So we’ve been working on a lot of stuff. Planning, prepping, praying … it’s just a flurry of activities. Yesterday after one of those meetings with my … Continue reading Day 1: Marching Orders

#BibleSenseSeries: shine your light.

Today’s Bible sense pretty much needs no explanation. Your life should point people to Jesus. Live in a way that people will have no choice but to fall in love with Jesus. Preaching the gospel is everyone’s responsibility. “Oh! But I’m a stammerer. In fact I stutter so badly I couldn’t get more than a few words at a time.” You know to be honest … Continue reading #BibleSenseSeries: shine your light.