We’re Here

40 years of unconditional love. 😭😭🙏🏼 I’m grateful Lord. Once again you won Lord! It’s here. ..40! After everything the devil did. We are here- still standing strong and victorious. So how can you tell me that God is not real? That God doesn’t know what he’s doing? That God doesn’t have a plan or that God is not faithful?! 😭😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼 You can’t understand my … Continue reading We’re Here

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Mind your business 3

Hi darlings. Okay so because of how crazy it’s been I’ve had to shut down a bit. I couldn’t post anything yesterday I had to choose my battles wisely 😊 Anyway I’m here today and I’m going to keep it short because this particular boss lady if you know me well enough really needs no introduction. Tseju CEO of Tseju Hair @tsejuhair_1 This amazing wife … Continue reading Mind your business 3

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Satan doesn’t come to make you sick…

Hey people Day 28 And I decided to take a quick break from the Mind Your Business series… it will be back because I’m not done. Okay so today I think we need to talk. So I really need you to take this seriously because I’m going to say this only once. And it just may be what’s been missing in your arsenal. This week … Continue reading Satan doesn’t come to make you sick…

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Mind your business 2

I’m back Today I’m talking about two amazing women. Oh my love for them. God wanted to bless me and sent me these two very gifted women. I’ll start with this brave woman. Beautiful and amazingly strong. Sadly widowed a few years ago she’s a single mum of two beautiful children today and very industrious. She’s made my clothes for years and she’s spoilt me … Continue reading Mind your business 2