It’s OVERFLOW Season babyyy!

Ladies! can I hear you say, “It’s OVERFLOW season babyyy!!!“ Come on, say it again, with some attitude this time! “It’s OVERFLOW Season baby!” Can we just take a moment to give immense gratitude to God for how much of a blessing Just Us Girls’ Overflow was? Oh dear Father, may we never ever ever recover from this in Jesus name! Oh this our God! … Continue reading It’s OVERFLOW Season babyyy!

I’m Flowing in the Overflow!

Ladies, I’m probably going to be crying through out this post so please bear with me 😭😭😭 arrhhh. . . yesterday wasn’t like any of the days past o! and I thought day 1 and 2 were amazing, but yesterday! guys!!! 😭😭😭 Ok first of, yesterday I got to experience a flash mob performance for the first time, ’twas like one moment we are all … Continue reading I’m Flowing in the Overflow!

Glowing in the Overflow!

Hi Ladies! It’s rema, reporting live from JUG’s OVERFLOW. About last night. . . hmm, Last night was intense!!! We jived and vibed and had an absolute disco y’all! Like literally. The auditorium was transformed into a night club. It was all the works, disco balls, a DJ with his turn table, a hype man!! and everything you will need for a total Holy Ghost … Continue reading Glowing in the Overflow!

It’s OVERFLOW Season!!! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

Hey ladies! do you know what time it is??? It’s OVERFLOW O’clock! If you are in tune with the season, you oughta know that our Just Us Girls conference themed OVERFLOW began yesterday. oh-my-Lawd I’m so pumped! This one isn’t like any other! If you know God very well you know He is always doing a new thing, and this time around, He is set … Continue reading It’s OVERFLOW Season!!! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ


Hello Beautiful, It feels good to have another opportunity to write about some life changing experiences I have had in JUGN meetings. Reading the remarkable testimonies of women just like me these past days have inspired me to reflect deeply and count my blessings. You would agree with me that it is easier to brace yourself and keep going when you see your contemporaries share … Continue reading Day 22: HE CHANGED ME!

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Day 20: He sees, He hears, He knows.

Hey guys, So I’ve been doing a study on Prayer for a while now, and one of the things that has stuck with me is what Jesus taught His followers concerning prayer in Matthew 6 from verse 7. He told them to avoid saying too much -in order words, don’t feel the need to make seemingly eloquent spiritual phrases when talking to God -God knows … Continue reading Day 20: He sees, He hears, He knows.

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Day 18: He Sees The Bigger Picture.

I have totally enjoyed these days of receiving and reading these testimonies of promises fulfilled. From today’s Testimony I learned courage! God will always give us the Grace to handle what we think our hearts can not contain. And I have to applaud you Peace for moving fearlessly with God πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Read Peace’s testimony here πŸ‘‡ β˜† β˜† β˜† During the Just Us Girls 2016 … Continue reading Day 18: He Sees The Bigger Picture.

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Hey guys! It’s been 16 days of sharing promises that have become testimonies, and today we’d be reading another outstanding testimony of confidence in the power of Jesus, birthed by the Word of God shared in the promise slips. This testimony got me really excited and rejoicing with Jessica because God just knows how to show offπŸ˜‚ Meet Jessica, the lady with a God bigger … Continue reading Day 17: FOR THE WORD OF GOD IS ALIVE AND POWERFUL!

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Day 16: Coincidence, or Not?ο»Ώ

Hi guys! Our guest writer today is writer extraordinaire and my personal writing “encourager” -lol, Sylvia Chika. Her testimony right here, is testament of how God can order your steps with instructions from His word -specific to your present need. Meet the beautiful Sylvia Chika: And here is her testimony. . . β˜† β˜† β˜† Sometime in 2013, God gave me β€œa dream job” I … Continue reading Day 16: Coincidence, or Not?ο»Ώ