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Just Us Girls started as a column in our monthly relationship newsletter at DAVID’S CHRISTIAN CENTRE called BLISS and has enjoyed such followership that it has grown beyond being just a column where the issues faced by today’s women are trashed out but has evolved to become a channel of healing, learning and above all an opportunity to build friendships and give hope.
We hold an annual Just Us Girls conference in september of every year but is just a tiny part of what Just Us Girls is all about. In its entirety Just Us Girls is much more than that… it is my heart. It is my dream that one day, women will begin to see themselves as they really are, choose to make a difference and refuse to settle for less than they deserve. I know some people may think it’s a big dream albeit almost unachievable but I believe that achieving big dreams start with taking small steps. All I’m asking is that you join me in taking those small steps by giving back to a specie of humans who are always giving.

How? Start by spreading the word about this blog. Why? You’ll be blessing a life besides it’ll be fun. So let’s do this.

24 thoughts on “About just us girls

  1. Hmm, i rly luv ds. Got attractd to it as soon as i sw ds. Pls hw can i be a part of the just all girls. Tnks

    1. just by dropping by dear, you are already a part of it. however if you go to the just us girls naija page on facebook and like it you can get more information about upcoming programmes and other important stuff about just us girls

  2. Good evening pastor M…. I must say… this blog is a bleesing to me. A place to draw inspiration from. I’m New here and I only got to know about this blog a few days back and just when I felt like I have hit rock bottom, I jus found strenght somehow. Trying to recover from a failed relationship that was almost a wedding with every arrangement in top gear and something jus went wrong and everything went south. N someone in error sent me a link meant for someone else and that’s how i found myself here and I have bn high on this blog. Thanks for touching some many girls, ladies and women beyond words.

    1. Sweetie I will tell you something someone said to me a couple of years ago when my ex broke up with me. He said “when Man removes his carpet. God places his rug”

      Listen to me love. No matter how good you think that relationship was if you trust God, He will dry your tears, heal your heart and bring you joy then compensate you with a worthy son.

      I pray that in a Few months you will write me back with a testimony

  3. Hie,gud evening Jst saw ure poster on my way back from work pls I would really love to be part of this justusgirls……………pllllllllssssssssssssssssss

  4. Mama! Thanks for this Blog. It’s been a blessing to me. And Thanks for being a blessing to us singles (We can’t help but long for all ur messages mum) God bless u ma.love u

  5. God bless you so much pastor M. Thank you for being such a blessing to me

  6. Hello Maa!! Please I just saw this blog. I know I will be blessed by this. Looking forward to learning from you Pastor M.

  7. Hi Pastor M, just seeing this blog for the first time and I read the blog about the Gratitude Plan and it resonated deeply within me.

    Thank you for being a blessing to me this evening .

    God bless you.

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