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Isn’t it funny that when they ask questions like about yourself that you begin to wonder if you can find the right words….

well, here goes. I’m a writer, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a mother and a pastor. yep! pastor. oh! and a pastor’s wife.

I’m as down-to-earth as they come. you want the truth? I’ll definitely be the one to ask. lol!

I guess I may not be your typical stereotype pastor’s wife but i totally and completely love the lord Jesus Christ. We’ve been in this love relationship for 29 years now. hmmm… e don tey o!

anyway I’ll let you unravel the rest as we go along …. so welcome on this journey. mwaaah!!

However, Borrowing from Max Lucado (whom I absolutely adore). In his words…

MILDRED Kingsley-okonkwo has a blessed calling:
Kingsley Okonkwo calls her honey
Dassah, Davida and David call her mummy
The people at David’s Christian Centre call her their pastor. Some call her mama.
And God calls her his own.
Not bad, huh? 😉





Would so love to connect with you anytime so if you’re on
*instagram: @pastormildred
*facebook: mildred kingsley-okonkwo
*yahoo: dccpastorm@yahoo.com
*gmail: dccpastorm@gmail.com

And if you’re not on any of the social media you can always send me a snail mail (and hopefully I’ll get it) to this address:
Pastor Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo
David’s Christian Centre
Plot 1 Apple Junction Festac link road, Amuwo-Odofin. Lagos. Nigeria.
And if none of this works for you then maybe an sms to my phone if you have the number.

46 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Not bad oh…congratuLations ma,we ® seriously looking forward t̶̲̥̅̊ø̲̣̣̥ the remaining jist! Нå.=D . нå. =)) . нå. =D

  2. Hello Pastor M,
    If someone abroad wanted to discuss issues with you, how can the person reach you. Thanks.

      1. Happy Sunday pastor M, I was just checking to see if you got the email I sent a few days ago. Thank you.

  3. Your blog is such a blessing! God take you higher O:)
    I’d really love to have a chat with you, Pls Pls PM, can i have your bb pin?
    Thank you! -:)

  4. You are amazing.At times I try to place your looks with your words on this blog. You sound sso interesting but you look reserved. Your words on this blog has blessed me immensely,wish I can be mentored by you. You sound so geniune,none criticizing,truthful,experienced and knowledge. This is a ministry I may work in some day but I need to get my feet and learn from great women like you. God bless u for doing this work. Hope to hear from you.

  5. Thank God, i ve found u here Ma, where i can interact wt u, woman to woman. I will be inviting u on BBM! Your ministry shall grow in leaps and in bounds.

  6. my dear pastor i want to thank u so much for that wonderful women program tagged ,imela it was a great move on my life ,especially when nathaniel bassey from mychurch Rccg)ministered GOD,S presence was felt pls continue in this vision.God bless u ma.sharon

  7. This is lovely. I’m not a member of DCC but I love what the Lord is doing through PastorK on tv. God bless you guys real great!

  8. good day ma…i must confess i am soo in love with your ministry..and the Lord has richly blessed me through you..i have learnt a lot from a distance and i trust God that someday he would lead me to you personally..God bless and strengthen your marriage.. I love you

  9. am not a memeber of DCC of which i wish to be , but cos of distance i only attend some of ur programs… You nd Pastor K were truly sent by God to help the youths of today from destruction. May the Gud Lord continue to bless u nd ur family… Love you pastor mildred

  10. reading about you alone has inspired me.. im glad to have you in my life ma. God bless you. sent you a request on facebook,nelly omini. hope to get along with you for the best… God bless and enlarge your territory ma.. loving you all the way!!!!!i celebrate you ma!!

  11. im blessed to have you in my life just in this few minutes .i sent you a request on facebook, Nelly omini.. hope to get along with you..I’ll love to speak with you about a whole lot ma. meanwhile, God bless and increase your ministry. amen.. loving you all the way ma!!!!

  12. reading about you has really blessed me in splits of seconds.. sent you a request on facebook please, hoping to get to know and meet you too.. God bless you and your family and increase your ministry.. amen.loving you all the way ma!!!!!

  13. Reading about you has really inspired and blessed me ma. i sent you a request on facebook please,Nelly omini.. hope to get along and meet you ma, God bless you and your family and increase your ministry, Amen.. loving you all the way ma!!!

  14. I’m just so so blessed knowing about you and being under your teaching! God bless you mama!

  15. Hello Mommy,thank you for the mentoring sessions,especially the recent one on 7 mistakes married women make,its so knowledgeable to me,you spoke about a prayer journal you use to pray for your husband Daddy ,please ma how can i get a copy,thank you.?

  16. PastorM ur not just a blessing to the body of Christ, but ur a direct Blessing to me. I love u
    I love ur works

  17. Thank you so much ma for saying yes to God. I have a lot to discuss with you ma, I sent you an email, I don’t know if it’s the right one. Thank you ma.

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