Dear Mama,

How are you doing, I hope you are all packed up and looking forward to seeing one of your favorite pastors, the only tribe that can “CAN” and of course your favorite baby (ME) 😋. Well I am excited and Saturday is looking like 10 years but we can wait, and like you always say, it will be here before I blink.

I have been thinking about the first time I gave my life to Christ and for the life of me I do not remember. I have gone through so many stages of backsliding and rededicating my life that I am not exactly sure when it first happened or how and if I know you at all, you are saying “that’s not important, the important thing is that you have given your life to Him and you are sure that you know where you are going in the end”. And that’s exactly what I am going to focus on.

However I remember my baptism, not the one I had in holy family Catholic Church when I was first born but my rebirth about 15 years ago, the water was clear in “Rochester gardens” (I think) and I was excited, because I knew what I was getting into and it was my decision and the one thing I vividly remember was the scripture that day , Romans 6:4

“Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.”

I don’t always get it right, there are some days that I pull away from God, that I act like I don’t have a father because the weight of the world pushes me down but then I remember that Saturday morning and what that verse means and I always find my way back to God.

I also think of people who have been a force in my walk with God and there wouldn’t be a list without you. So I can totally understand how you feel, when you make a big deal about 30 years of walking with God, it’s not just about the number of years, it’s the lives in those years, it’s ministries that have come from those years, lives that have been transformed, babies that have been birthed through your own trials and faith, marriages that have been saved, young girls that have changed their minds and gone back to God, it’s you teaching us to pray simply, walk godly, and live a life of truth.

I know a few people who have given their life to God and have taken it back, they are no longer Christians today. So it’s a big deal when one celebrates 30 whole years of walking with God.

So happy birthday mama, we know September is important but we also know that except a woMAN be born again …. and on this day 30 whole years ago, when you gave your life to Christ on that bed, you didn’t just change your life but that of so many others and saved heaven a ton of souls.

Today, Dcc celebrates you, Chayil celebrates you, Hannah’s heart celebrates you, project boy and girl, JUGS global celebrates you. Thank you for letting God use you, for not taking back the wheel, for letting your hair grow back and for living , because you said yes, many others know that they can and many others have.

Happy birthday Pastor Red, love you plenty and thank you for knowing that its not just about what God can do for you but what God can do through you, like they say “you understood the assignment”.

Love always and see you on Saturday 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻


19 thoughts on “Re-birth

  1. Awww… ok so officially my favorite blog post so far 😍😍😍😍 you literally woke me with tears. I’m so grateful for you. I love you so much my baby. God bless you for me Disemi. Can’t wait to see you Saturday ❤️

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    1. Awww mama, I am blushing and I like it. Love letters to Mildred no do pass like this 😂😂😂 (is play o). Love you too mama and amen.


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    Its still the month of May and we are still celebrating your Rebirth … I couldn’t help buy share this good news with the world as having and celebrating biological birthday is good but a birthday in christ ehmmm that beats everything …. I mean common .. the day you are reborn in christ for me it’s start of all.things new … happiest birthday PastorM I love and celebrate you 💗 💓 💛 💖 💕 ❤️

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  3. Its still the month of May and we are still celebrating your Rebirth … I couldn’t help but share this good news with the world as having and celebrating biological birthday is good but a birthday in christ ehmmm that beats everything …. I mean common .. the day you are reborn in christ for me it’s a start of … happiest birthday PastorM I love and celebrate you 💗 💓 💛 💖 💕 ❤️

    …. and because of this Rebirth that Hannahs Heart .. was born .. and that for me is everything… Hannahs heart IG PAGE AND HANNAHS HEART our praying group has been sustaining me encouraging me ever since I joined the prayer team from day 🙏🏿 1….. the number of believable references….common … its given me so much hope . I know my babies are here and I see them .. I can see the babies .. I can touch them for sure mine is here .
    Thank you for this platform. Thank you for answering the call thank you for saying yes . I love and celebrate you 💜 💛 💓 💗 💕 ❤️ 💜 💛

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  4. Happy 30 years of walking with the lord Pastor M! You will never know the extent to which you impact us, no matter how much we try to say. I pray for a continuous supply of your every need, by our father who is rich in mercy, today and every other day of your life!

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  5. Happy birthday Pastor M,
    What a beautiful birthday.
    I’m thankful for your salvation that has given me alot to learn, know and love God more.
    I Love and Celebrate you Ma ❤

    Disemi, thank you.
    I too after listening to the podcast this morning couldn’t tell when I was reborn. Thank you for reminding me that, even though I don’t remember, what matters most is that I’m in Christ. Oh yes, I remember by baptism in 2004 and that brings me so much joy.
    Praise God!

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  6. Thanks for your life of impact. Happy birthday dear mama. My walk with God has never remained the same. My marriage thanks for your sacrifices. Your BBB today was emotional for me….thanks for teaching me friends don’t let their friends go to HELL

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  7. Happy 30 years spiritual birthday!!! Indeed the host of angel are rejoicing over you this day. Thank you for taking on the mandate. You’re indeed a vessel of honour, for the many lives you have touched directly and indirectly. May God continue to use you for his glory. Gos is indeed very proud of you😊. Happy birthday!!!!

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  8. Thank you for saying Yes and accepting the call Mama. Ive been blessed by your teachings especislly in the area of marriage .God has used you to activate a certain gift in me . I love you and i thank the Lord all he is doing in your life.More Grace Ma.

    Marian .A

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  9. Happy spiritual birthday MAMA! 30years of serving GOD is not a joke! You inspire me so much and I’ve learnt a lot from your teachings. Like Disemi said, i can’tremember my spiritual birthday cos I keep backsliding and coming back. But your teachings and simply ways of serving GOD has made me consistent since last year. You made me embrace single motherhood with pride and not be ashamed to do better. I say a BIG THANK YOU🙏

    Saturday better be longer cos the love nobi here lol… the hug go be somtin HUGE😂

    I love you ma and i say thank you for answering the call to serve. You have saved many including me.

    My baby (CHINECHEREM) says hello…..👋👋👋 See you on Saturday ma😍😍😍

    Happy birthday♥️

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  10. This is so beautiful! May we continue to remain in awe of our encounter and always “understand OUR assignment” in Jesus name. Happy Happy Birthday mama❤

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  11. Happy birthday, Mama. ❤
    As aunty Disemi aptly put it, I’m one of those “young girls that have changed their minds and gone back to God” simply because of what you teach and how you live. And so, I thank you and celebrate you.
    Happy birthday, Mama. I love you. ❤

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