God’s prototype for work ~ Norah

You know the feeling that sickness comes with…

It’s that unending drowsiness, the bitter taste in your mouth, the lag. It’s the medicine-induced sleep, the confusion, exhaustion, the fatigue. What gets to you is  your inability to do anything productive. Time just goes and goes and you’re sick and tired of all of it. 

Now imagine this happening every other day? With indigestion and nausea peeking in on some mornings. Oh, and you already know your responsibilities will not fix themselves, yes?

I’ve struggled with this for most of my adult life and for some reason, it’s been the only thing that I’ve thought to write about. But I’ve chickened out too many times— it’s just laziness. Maybe I’m not disciplined enough, I should wake up earlier, eat better, use another planner, set more reminders, pray more. It has to be laziness. I convinced myself of that and deleted my last drafts, another topic would have do. 

So why is everyone on social media talking about burn out and overwhelming exhaustion, even with the smallest efforts? It was my cue to write on this anyway, because I know I’m not the only one struggling. I’ll show you what a friend showed me on one of the days I was unwilling to leave the bed to start the day at all. Who was going to deal with another day of underperforming? Yet another day of not being present? Fighting to complete basic tasks, but going to bed extremely tired? Nah, I wasn’t having it.

But I did get out of bed, and here’s what he showed me, taken from Genesis 1 (Please read for context). I like to  think of it as God’s prototype for work:

1. There was a precise and specific task for each day

2. The task was completed according to his ability

3. Work ended as soon as the scheduled task for the day was done

4. There was no spill over of work from the previous day, and there wasn’t any borrowing of that of the next day, no matter how early the day’s work was finished— keep in mind that all He had to do was say the word!

5. In verses 18, 20, 25 and 31, we see God continually check to see that his work is GOOD. Self evaluation is important for optimal output.

‐Being overwhelmed sometimes has us in a hurry to get jobs over and done with already, and we forget that we are not doing the absolute best that we can. It was possible to do His best work in the first place because he had a good system already, See?

6. It was after God saw that all he had done “was very good “ (31) that he rested. (Gen 2)

7. Rest is very very  important. 

8. God created a system that protects, checks AND REPRODUCES after itself so he doesn’t have to do repetitive work!

-Outsource, use tools and strategies that minimise stress especially concerning jobs that come in a predictable or repetitive pattern.

I don’t think creation is difficult for God at all, he only has to speak and everything becomes. So if he went through all this detail, maybe there’s something there for you and me. 

Ps: If your place of work has a rigid work culture, steps 1-4 may not be easy to apply. But you’ll find that it could help with the way that you approach rest, scheduling personal errands, relationships, finding balance, etc.

I hope you have fun tweaking this model to your work and life peculiarities!

Remember that God is with you even on those difficult days. I’m rooting for you too❤

Norah Muoh


Ahh thanks Norah, even I who hate Mondays is gingered to go and put this to the test.

Alright guys, we apologize for the break in transmission last week but we are back. I pray that this week is better than the last and that you win on every side.

Love & light


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