I hate queues!

Oh I do but apparently they are inevitable, especially in a country like my motherland, Nigeria. You queue at the gas station, at the grocery store counter, at the airport, at the bus stop (only for BRT). You queue at the ATM and in the banking hall. At the passport office, to buy akara, to get vaccinated and to get permanent voters card. And these are not 3 to 5 man queues, I’m talking ‘standing-at -the-pearly-gates -of -heaven -waiting -to -be- judged’ kind of queues.

Point is, queuing up requires waiting, and you see that waiting baa, it isn’t exactly a sport that excites me. But the gag is , this sport is an integral part of walking with God.

You just gotta wait. And it’s a different thing when you are waiting for a specified period o. Eg: You go to Uni for a 4 year course in 2022, all things being equal, 2026 and you are out. Nope! Nothing like that with God. There’s no EDD to it. You just gotta wait the wait out.

Another thing with waiting this type of wait is, there is an attitude to it.

You know you can wait wrong right? Looking at the clock counting seconds and minutes, won’t make magic happen. The disposition of your heart happens to be as important as the waiting itself.

So if you find yourself in waiting, you better be waiting correctly.

Pastor Mildred expounds on this whole waiting business extensively and I’ve taken the liberty to attach the video to this post. Click here to watch it.

It is dedicated to all my fellow waiters. Waiting to have your baby. Waiting for admission to study. Waiting for Visa to come through. Waiting for your man to find you. Waiting for that job. Waiting for that career break. We are all waiting for one thing or the other. Whatever you find yourself waiting for, you best be waiting correctly sis.

Love always,


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