As a WOman thinketh

Hello yummy mums,

I started reading a new book today and I can usually tell from the forward whether it’s a good read or not . You see, I am a book person and if there is one thing besides food πŸ˜‹ that I spend my money on, it’s books. I am drawn to every genre, I can get lost in fiction, non fiction , self help books and everything in-between. I love the feel of books, that smooth feel of a hard cover, the smell of a paper back, the sound of the pages as you flip, I love the pictures they paint in my mind and how I can go places without even going anywhere just by the words on the pages of a book.

So today I started this book and as usual, I read the forward , I hadn’t even gotten far when I read these words

β€œThe vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart – this you will build your life by, this you will become.”

I could not get past these words, I kept thinking of all the things I had been worshiping in my mind, the ideals I had enthroned; will I ever get married and if I do, when pray tell will I have kids, will I ever be out of debt, not live or survive from pay check to pay check, can I get a better paying job, will I ever be able to retire comfortably, will I ever save enough, will my life get easier, will I make new friends , will there ever be time to just chill or is this all my life will ever be…

I considered all the tough situations I had glorified above God, and as I sat there checking my thoughts and ideals, I thought about you, yes you and I came here to ask you one question, what have you been thinking ?

Have you filled your thoughts with possibilities or do you go to bed believing the devil’s lies?

Do you stand in front of the mirror with a fake bump practicing for the real deal or do you avoid any talk about it because it could never be you?

Do you stand up tall and shut the Peninnah’s up with β€œand God said” or do you curl up and cry when they mock you?

Do you count the days and months and years or do you say, today is the day ?

Do you worship and embrace the thoughts of it can never happen or do you believe that God can?

Your thoughts are as powerful as your confession, so when all is quiet are you thinking how cute will my baby look , mentally playing dress up or are you thinking , can it actually happen? That vision you have in your mind must align with your words, your actions and your environment.

The truth is if you plant 🌱 roses , you will reap roses, if you plant nothing you will reap a harvest of weeds. so instead of battling with weeds, you might as well plant some good thoughts.

So today I urge you, clean up the weeds , be intentional with your planting, don’t think of the days that have become years, or the miscarriages, instead let your mind with each scripture and word and thought weave up your expected end, because β€œas a Woman thinketh so is she”.

Love always


21 thoughts on “As a WOman thinketh

  1. Wow. This is so apt and also in line with today’s BBB podcast. I need to go clear up the weeds and begin to plant all I want to see. Thank you again Disemi and the team.

    God bless you allπŸ˜™


  2. Been struggling with my driving lessons. I would get anxious as the day of the lesson is getting closer. Then 2 weeks ago i started reading Think Big by Ben carson. Ah i thank God for that book. I started imagining myself driving. When i see other people driving, i will tell myself if they can do it, i can do it too. Instead of dreading the lessons, I have been looking forward to them. I get excited at the thought of learning rather than be afraid of failing


    1. My dear, I have been driving for over 10 years, moved to the uk and they have refused to let me pass my test. I have been moving the dates because of fear of failing again and I know exactly how you feel. I have been thinking intentionally, looking at cars, and just being positive because I finally realize , I hate this fear .


  3. Thanks disemi….what a lovely reminder since I started listening to PM I’m more drawn to God’s word now that my pictures and thoughts are in line with God’s promises . Thanks for reminding us to read more and ponder on the good and noble thoughts


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