Do you talk ?

Do you talk ?

Such a loaded question after a heated disagreement between husband and wife. Option A: YES – lets try and resolve this…
Option B: NO – I am still VERY ANGRY…..
Which one are you🥴

Decisions, decisions, decisions! You see the truth is for the growth of marriage, resolution is NECESSARY, it is not an option all. You literally cannot have a blissful marriage if you don’t resolve your issues.

You can choose to be petty and malicious and refuse to talk. You can be rude and hold trouser cue nollywood troublesome wife. You can even sweep things under the carpet but will you get a resolution – NO?! It’s funny how the same clashes will play out time after time and each time we react in the same way however we expect different result! How can?!

The bible tells us “My dear friends, you should be quick to listen and slow to speak or to get angry” James 1:19 CEV

“My dear wives” imagine if we applied this directly to our marriage especially when we experience clashes. This would guarantee us different results.

Tips to help us talk after a clash:

  • Keep your voice calm – NO shouting remember we are looking for resolution and not another argument.
  • Do not interrupt – give each person their accorded respect and allow them make their points without combatting every thing at that very minute.
  • Resolution should be the GOAL , the POINT, the FOCUS. If you have this in mind then you BOTH will be able to talk after the storm.

Our homes do not have to be battlegrounds, we can by God’s special grace and our intentionality enjoy beautiful marriages.

Love always


12 thoughts on “Do you talk ?

  1. No, listen. This is such a word! I’m not married yet but I’ve found myself asking “so want must I do with my anger now?” when Bae apologises too quickly. It’s funny how anger can be so satisfying to hang onto, meanwhile it is destroying the angry person and the relationship. May God help us all… Those of us who’ve yet to get married and those who already are 🙏🏾.

    Thanks so sharing this! 🙌🏾❤️

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  2. Thanks Ope for sharing this.

    We are team A from your question in the first paragraph.

    We learnt that there must be conflict in marriage. The issue in question might not be resolved the same day but the rule with us is that, we don’t both go to bed angry at each other.

    We talk about it in a better atmosphere later if there was tension earlier.


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