Faith not Fear

Hello yummy mummies, how are we all doing? Great I hope, okay so let’s get to the gist of today.

I don’t know about you but when I see the months flying by, I go back to my lists for the year, the one we all have, that holds our prayer requests, and things we hope to achieve. If you are like me you go back to that book as the months pass by to measure where you are at, how far you have gone and tick things off, and personally I thank God for everything and add it to my gratitude journal.

Today I looked at the calendar and it’s may 5th, for some of us moms we are probably asking God when? others are praying to carry our babies to full term, praying to miss a period and yes these feelings are valid but there is also something that’s valid and that is the word of God.

So, I am here to remind you to hold onto that word that God gave you, Forget about the facts that you see and let the word build your faith, it’s the hearing and hearing and hearing that gives faith.

Today I came across this word and it just totally charged my faith batteries and I wanted to share it with you. I urge you to read it in every version, believe it and daily confess it because that will be your testimony.

Whichever way you look at this , whatever version you read, you win!! let the word ever be before you because it is impossible for God to lie and He hasn’t changed his mind about giving you your babies.

So happy new month to all you yummy mums, this one will be one to remember.

Love & light


12 thoughts on “Faith not Fear

  1. I choose faith and will continue to live in faith and not fear. Thanks and God bless you for this faith lifting write-up


    1. Right?! I could say it’s like God knew what we would need, but He actually did know and intentionally put it in the Bible for us 🙌🏾🥰


  2. Well done my dear sister.
    The God that has used you to charge up our faith, will come through for all of us in Jesus name, Amen


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