My worries ~ Imelda

When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.

I sometimes wonder why a man who was once “lovey-dovey” in a relationship would turn out to be a monster in marriage, or why a woman would get married because of what she hopes to get from the man, in terms of financial dependence.

The failure of marriage is heartbreaking, and this has really got me thinking. Why should a woman sacrifice her thriving career for the sake of marriage, and why should she have to endure an abusive spouse and domestic violence at the cost of her life?

Neither of these is specific to a gender, it could go both ways but today we focus on the women who are at the receiving end.

Can marriage be worth it?

Considering the recent death of a minister in faith who lost her life due to abuse by her spouse, I am left wondering why a woman who chooses to avoid domestic violence would be labelled irresponsible by the society.

Why would the wealth of a woman pose a threat to their partner?

Why do we blame the women half the time, when a couple is faced with infertility?

In what circumstances would someone be a hero outside of their home, but a monster in their own house?

Dear wives, marriage should be sweet and yes we all agree there could be ups and downs but it also should be enjoyed not endured and yes love endures all things but wisdom is profitable to direct.

Don’t suffer in silence, don’t wait until you become a headline , a statistic, smell your flowers while you still can, and I know speaking up can be hard , but find a tribe , speak out , do it for you , for your children , for your family.

We are rooting for you.

Much love ❤️


10 thoughts on “My worries ~ Imelda

  1. This is beautiful and a text of hope. I also pray God will grant us all the grace to be brave enough to speak up


    1. …the courage to leave inorder to live is gospel we should continue preaching. We thank for the privilege to have access to the gospel of Christ and body of saints


  2. Thanks for this particular one . Soceity is making it look like domestic violence is a normal thing.Most women endure because of “” what will people say” .We need a change.I left an abusive relationship that sent me to the ER .People saw a bad person because i involved the police since that was the only way out. Today to God be the Glory im happily married to a man that fears God and values me.# I survived because i walked away..My message to every victim our there is “walk away ” #”Break the silence”


  3. May we find the grace to speak out and opt out when it becomes absolutely necessary in Jesus name.


  4. “Marriage is meant to be enjoyed, not endured.”

    This one‼️

    In the context of Christ loving the church as his bride, I don’t think Jesus is just enduring the relationship He has with me. He’s actively enjoying me getting to know Him more, and Him showing me just how much of me He knows + loves fully.


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