We Regret to inform you ~ Kay~dee Mashile

Dreaded words

I haven’t been desperately looking for work in the past few years as I have either been employed or pursuing the growth of my business ventures. But when COVID-19 hit, everyone was somewhat affected. For me, an entrepreneur whose whole livelihood depended on conferences and events at the time, it meant that I had to look for new work. Granted, I knew that finding a job would be really hard in the midst of a global pandemic. But there were promises that it would get better and I kept the faith, while still touching and going with the resuscitation of my business.

Anyway something happened to me and I thought to share this. I applied for a position and not only was my application rejected but, a letter was sent to me to share the bad news. I couldn’t preview the letter due to weak signal so I saved it to my Google Drive, then downloaded it to my phone and only then could I open it.

Open me

Admin? I know! The body of the email read “please see enclosed letter”. Which, in and of itself, was a forwarded email that this person shared the letter from.

Upon opening the document and reading the first three words beginning with the dreaded “we regret to inform you”, I was livid. Mad that I spent so much data and went through so much trouble to ensure that I opened the letter. Only to find that it was a rejection letter. I honestly thought that this could have been put in the body of the email to save me the time and disappointment of an official rejection letter.

I wish my story came full circle to one of those “for every no you get, you only need one yes” / “I got a job” post. But it unfortunately isn’t. It is a real life story of how I had to reinvest my energy into my business. Which, somewhat, means that the rejection was a blessing in disguise. I realised that I was spending too much time, resources and energy on jobseeking and that wasn’t paying off. So I sought to rechannel my attention to the business and look at ways in which I could improve what I did. Initially, this meant being willing to do some work that wouldn’t immediately give me money. Such as marketing campaigns and social media/online activity. I also knew that I had to partner with other people, so I did that.

Before the year was over, only about three months after the time, I got an opportunity to partner with an organisation that could pay me for my work. Though it wasn’t much, it gave me the hope to go on and continue investing in myself. The truth is that it takes some people over a year or two to finally get a yes. Let’s face it, there really aren’t that many jobs out there. And we all can’t also be job creators or business people. But we all have areas where we can grow. So while you wait for your yes. Work on yourself. Find an area where you can grow and develop. Also look for ways in which you can serve. This may mean asking someone to job-shadow at their office, Or offer to volunteer and perhaps only ask them to help cover your travel costs. Your yes will come, it may not look much like what you expect, but it will be just right for you!


Thanks kay-dee, I especially love the last line and your yes will surely come.

Alright guys, I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend, cos I surely did. I am only mad it is over, so off to do something fun and memorable.

See you tomorrow.


14 thoughts on “We Regret to inform you ~ Kay~dee Mashile

  1. Thank u Kay-Dee, what I’m taking from this is where you talk about investing in yourself. I hear u, loud and clear.


  2. Kay-Dee I totally loved every part of this♥️♥️♥️And let me say from the beginning to the full stop I felt it, and yes, am encouraged and so refreshed that the grace to continue is made available 🌼


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