God’s prototype for work ~ Norah

You know the feeling that sickness comes with… It’s that unending drowsiness, the bitter taste in your mouth, the lag. It’s the medicine-induced sleep, the confusion, exhaustion, the fatigue. What gets to you is  your inability to do anything productive. Time just goes and goes and you’re sick and tired of all of it.  Now imagine this happening every other day? With indigestion and nausea peeking in on some mornings. Oh, and you already know your … Continue reading God’s prototype for work ~ Norah

Pruning, Preparing, Positioning ~ Tai Awo

“…and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” John 15:2b (NLT) Last year was the first time that I ever tried growing vegetables. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of being able to cultivate, from seed to food that would eventually go into my body. See my father is a farmer, but I grew up in the city, … Continue reading Pruning, Preparing, Positioning ~ Tai Awo

Do you talk ?

Do you talk ? Such a loaded question after a heated disagreement between husband and wife. Option A: YES – lets try and resolve this…Option B: NO – I am still VERY ANGRY…..Which one are you🥴 Decisions, decisions, decisions! You see the truth is for the growth of marriage, resolution is NECESSARY, it is not an option all. You literally cannot have a blissful marriage … Continue reading Do you talk ?

Child like Faith ~ E’

Hello people , happy Monday!! So our guest writer today has decided to remain anonymous, and she has agreed that all tithes and offerings of praise on this article should go to me 😋😋😉, so please give me my accolades. Okay let’s get to it. ————————————— I could hear her footsteps. My 7-year old cousin Faith was coming downstairs for the umpteenth time, AFTER I … Continue reading Child like Faith ~ E’