“Willie Willie Willie Willie o
Clap clap clap
Mummy in the kitchen cooking rice
Daddy in the parlor watching film
Clap clap clap
Children in the garden playing ball
Clap clap clap
This is the end of my story
Change your style
Another style
Be like that “

Raise your hand if you know that playground song.

*looks round at hands raised*

Now drop it.

I know it and I played it and I changed my style a lot. Easy game, not a serious competition like that. We just change styles when prompted, and freeze when we hear “Be like that”.

The trick is to choose an easy style that you can freeze in for a long time because depending on the umpire, you might stay frozen for a while, and you are out of the game if you break your pose.

Look at that song again.
Now, raise your hand if you are married to an African man.

Raise two hands if your African husband is domestically handy.

*looks around again at hands raised*

Ok that’s great.

To the ‘only one hand raised’, Please share with us how you get by on days when it gets overwhelming?

Did you imagine it would be like this when you were just about getting married, abi e shock you?


  1. Lol my dear it’s team work. But most times when I ask hubby to help me with some chores he will say please let’s leave it we must not finish it today..when you hear this statement just know he’s not gonna help and I don’t push him. On other days he will give you a hand like this morning was rushing to get ready to work making breakfast and washing dishes at the same time. I ended up washing all and now told him to please help and rinse all of them and he did them. I have learnt to not push him on his unwilling days because too I do have days I’m just tired and he does all the chores and cooking without complaining. Also gentle tone is a great advantage. Not lording over each other.

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  2. Nice blog today. My two hands are raised as I’m married to an African man who is ‘domestically handy’ – big grin on my face. However, I agree with sis Chinelo as it’s not a given that hubby will help always. I’ve learnt to ask nicely instead of whining as I’ll be ignored…lol. But kudos to hubby, when I ask nicely he helps out with the task I need help with. Praise God!


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