3 lessons

Hello people and all my single ladies 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻, it’s been a fun week with all our Easter posts and just seeing all the various interpretations of what Easter means and the many lessons we learnt from the Easter story.

As a Christian Easter isn’t a one day celebration thing, it’s not just a holiday we mark on our calendars or time off work, for us it’s the very essence of who we are and what we believe, so even though the series comes to an end today, I urge you to keep living with a consciousness that Christ paid it all for you.

Debt cancelled

So on that note, I would like to share a few lessons with my singles sisters from the Easter story.

First lesson, sin has no power over you ~ you see, we are living in very funny times and the world has their idea of how everyone should live, they call it living your truth. whether it’s testing the waters because body no be firewood, living with your soon to be husband because the wedding don reach finish or simply treading in stolen waters because his wife doesn’t understand him and you do, and he knows how to take care of you and besides who will know? But sweety you are not of the world.

All paid!

Thing is all of these things might be sweet, it might be easy to fall into a cycle of going to church and walking into the world after but you deserve better, it’s never too late to live correctly or to turn away from that sin that easily besets you, because Jesus already paid the price for it all. So whatever you have named that sin, call it what it is and let it go and just for the record He didn’t die for you to become a side chic. So get up, go home and burn those bridges that could take you back down that road.

Just saying

Second lesson, get comfortable with God’s will~ let’s be honest, God can be God sometimes. You will be enjoying your relationship, boxes are ticking (or we think they are) the families are meeting, you think it’s all good (in your head, God said) then one day, God really says He is not the one (the man you are with is not your husband) or the relationship that was great one minute starts to sink, you find out that he is expecting a child with someone else (true story) or something else and you are screaming “why hath Thou forsaken me” or “Take this cup away from me”. I know these things are hard to deal with, it’s hard to walk away because you know God does not approve, you know you cannot manage it, you know if you do anyhow you will see anyhow. I know you don’t want to hear this but God knows best, so get comfortable with His will and like Christ even on the darkest night you can also say “ Yet not my will, but yours be done”.


Last lesson, Victory is sure ~ There is something about leaving things in God’s hand 🖐 , like He literally holds the world in His hand so imagine what He can do when you commit your relationship to him. It’s hard I know, there has been heartbreak after heartbreak, or no matter how you put yourself out there you don’t feel seen, some of us are alone, wondering if men see us as trees, biological clocks have stopped ticking and we have to wind 🌬 it up manually, some of us are single mums, wondering “who will want me”? Some of us have been abused, so we feel like damaged goods, others are without hope and I hear you and I may not know how or when but I know that we have victory, not just over death but over every circumstance. So I know it’s hard to hope, hard to put yourself out there, hard to imagine but a wise woman once said “if you want a Boaz,you must first be a Ruth” so go out there and channel your inner Ruth, because victory is sure.

Battle is won

Okay ladies , I will let you all get back to your weekend. Don’t forget to drop us an email with your articles at “editors@justusgirlsglobal.org” and thank you to all those who made this week a success and to all those who stop by, like and comment God bless you specially, to the rest of you that we have to beg to read and subscribe go and collect your good morning from someone else 😒😒😒 (kidding but not kidding).

See you Monday and stay in faith.

Love & Light


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