The Exchange ~ Blessings

We are still basking in the gift that is Easter and today’s writer kept it simple and while we we look at it simply the journey was anything but. So I hope that we constantly carry in our hearts this big and beautiful miracle that was Christ’ death and resurrection.


I took a moment to walk through Jesus’ journey to the cross and I asked myself “what does each phase of His experiences on this journey mean to me?”

In my answer I found that the concept of Easter is more like an exchange. Jesus practically gave all that he is, so we can be all we’re designed to be.

The Exchange…

His yoke,

My liberty.


His stripes,

My peace.


His pains,

My joy.


His tears,

My song.


His crown,

My glory.


His blood,

My redemption.


His cross,

My identity.


His name,

My trademark.

Gave it all


Simple I know , but He offered up himself that we might have life , be redeemed , be whole , be new, but most importantly live with him in eternity.

I don’t know about you but this was the best gift I didn’t know I needed and Jesus came and did it all for me.

So if you are still going about, living like you call the shots, like you have it all figured out, I urge you to think again, we may not know the time and day and you may have all the time in the world but today is a good day to give your life back to Him.

Reach out to us if you need help, we can hold your hand on this journey and we love you.

And before I go, I would just like to say thank you to *Dchyni* for coming to the blog daily, for subscribing and clicking on that like button and sometimes leaving a comment. Please get in touch, I have a gift for you (because I am a rewarder of them that leave comments and likes😋). Thank you for acknowledging what we do here daily and for showing up with us. God bless you.

Okay guys gotta go.



10 thoughts on “The Exchange ~ Blessings

  1. Awwwww I get a gift guys. I get a gift💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃God bless you richly Disemi and the whole team. I luuuuuuurrrrrrvvvvvveeee you all

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  2. So a certain love tale is going on here in the comments section, I’m kinda jealous but.. I’m here too 😂. Thank you girls for the beautiful daily posts. God bless you. ❤️😍


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