Forsaken ~ Anna Leite

We are still in the Easter mood, and who can blame us, the story never gets old and the miracle feels fresh even today. so here is a poem by our guest writer Anna and I hope it brings the Easter story alive for you.


Prior to creation

Everything was done in unity

Unity in purpose

Unity in perfect harmony

Everything was done in unity

Until Good Friday

For the first time

The unity split

God turned away from the son




Immortality was betrayed








Mortals stripped immortality naked

Mortals clothed immortality 

With a mere purple robe

Mortals crowned immortality with thorns




Mortal men

Mocked immortality

Hail, king of the Jews!

Stroked on the head

Spat on

Stripped of royalty

Covered with shame


Laid Charges against him

The king of the Jews




Ha! You who would destroy the temple

Rebuild it in only three days

Save yourself

Come down from the cross

He saved others from death

He cannot save himself

Let the Christ

The Messiah

The anointed one

This king of Israel

Now Come down from the cross

That we may see and believe




Why have you forsaken me?

On the cross

Elohim became Eloi


You said you would be with me?

God forsook God

The father forsook Jesus

Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani

My God, my God

Why have you forsaken me?

Father into your hands I commit my spirit

And he offered up His spirit.


God bless you Anna, I pray that every post and story helps us see the sacrifice that is Christ and that we can all pick up lessons from each and everyone of them.

Have a great day guys and see you tomorrow

Love and light


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