Still in the spirit of Easter ~ Kay-Dee Mashile

When I think about Easter, this scripture comes to mind:

“Will anyone believe the news that we have to tell people? Will anyone understand how the Lord has used his great power?

“God’s servant grew up in front of him, like a young, green plant, with its roots in dry ground. He was not handsome. He did not seem like a great king. We did not see him as a special person. There was nothing to see that would make us want to be with him. People did not respect him. They refused to accept him. He was a man who received much pain. He knew what it felt like to be weak and ill. People did not even want to look at him. They did not respect him. We decided that he was worth nothing. 

“But he took away all our weakness! He carried our pain for us. We thought that God was punishing him. We thought that he was in pain because of his own sins. But it was our sins that caused him to be hurt. The bad things that we had done knocked him down. The punishment that he received has brought peace to us. The wounds that he received have made us well. 

“We have all turned away, like sheep that take the wrong path. Each of us has turned to follow our own way. But the Lord has taken all our sins and put the punishment on him. People were cruel to him, and he received much pain. But he did not say anything to complain. He was like a lamb that people were leading away to kill. He was like a sheep when they are cutting off its wool, but it makes no noise. In the same way, he did not say a word. 

“They spoke lies to accuse him in court. Then they led him away to kill him. And nobody at that time said that it was wrong. His life in this world quickly came to an end. And it was the sins of our own people that caused him to die. They decided to bury him with wicked people. But his body was put in a rich man’s grave. He had not done anything to hurt anyone. He had not told lies to deceive people. 

“But it was the Lord who chose to hurt his servant. He caused his servant to receive much pain. He died to remove people’s guilt. As a result, God will bless him with many descendants, and he will have a long life. The Lord will do everything that he wanted to do, because of what his servant does. When God’s servant sees the result of his pain, he will understand what he has done. And he will be happy. 

“The Lord says, ‘My righteous servant will cause many people to be “not guilty”, because he will take the punishment for all their sins. So, I will put him in a place of honour, as a great person deserves. I will give to him the good things that powerful soldiers receive when they have won a battle. I will do that because agreed to die as a sacrifice. People thought that he was a sinner when he took away the sins of many people. He prayed that God would forgive sinners”

Isiah 53: 1-12 Easy

As we get back into the groove and rhythm of things, may we never forget the reason for the celebrations. May we never lose our wonder of the cross. Happy Easter 🙏🏾❤️ and enjoy the rest of the week.

7 thoughts on “Still in the spirit of Easter ~ Kay-Dee Mashile

  1. Amen. Happy Easter jare! I don’t know each time I read or hear about what happened to Jesus or what He did to us . I cry. It is so fresh and real. I taste real ❤ each time I read about His love ❤ 🙏


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