Employee’s dilemma ~ Itunuoluwa

If you are anything like me there is a work day you just don’t like 😉. A windy and snowy morning 🥹


A cold rainy day when you can hear the raindrops on the roof top and all you just want to do is coil up in bed under a warm blanket

Sips tea

Or Mondays, especially after a very good weekend, I mean the weekends are short but getting up on any of these days is hard and I see me calling in sick 🙈, don’t judge me.


I love my job 😊 oh yes I do! I look forward to the long train rides every day, the free meals at the firm’s in-house restaurant are divine; the scrambled eggs melt with no delay once in the mouth 🤦🏽‍♀️. Have you seen the ocean view from my office space? Gosh, It’s both a good spot for pictures and relaxation especially when the ocean’s waves give you the cool breeze 😉.


I have enjoyed the perks of my job among other things, since I joined 5 years ago 😊… Hmmm 5 years ago, I remember my first day in the office complex, how I carefully selected my outfit to work night before, how I smiled from chin to chin to respond to every question and email 😊. How surely time flies…..

In recent days I have lost the vigor to be on my favorite train rides, I no longer look forward to the view across my work desk or the banter with my colleagues. I have lost the energy to show up at work not just for my least favorite day of the week but for an entire work week, like I don’t even want to be there. Maybe all the work from home in the thick of the pandemic 😷 changed things a bit but I am just not in a work mood.

I want money

So please tell me, what keeps you going to work every morning? how do you get up on a cold rainy day? what motivates you besides the regular paychecks and the never ending bills? What do you do when the national economy isn’t helping a start-up business? What keeps you moving when the light at the tunnel doesn’t seem to be showing ? I like my job, I really do but these days, I just don’t want to go and I am just tired.



Awww bless you Itunuoluwa, I have been feeling like this for a while and I have come close to resigning a few times, so I am in the comments waiting for all the tips and ideas because I am tired.

So people, let us know how you do it.

Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Love and light


13 thoughts on “Employee’s dilemma ~ Itunuoluwa

  1. Take some time off (the company will survive with you), turn off your phone if you can… Even if its just for a couple of hours a day.

    Honestly, I am a full-time entrepreneur and the challenges you’re talking about are as real for me now as they were when I worked for an employer. Sometimes all you need is time off.

    If you’re like me, book yourself into a quiet Air BnB and order some food with that salary that’s keeping you from quitting and just chill. Even if you take Friday and Monday off and go away for a self-made long weekend, just leave your normal life and its demands behind for a while. Sleep. Read a book. Drink a glass of wine or two. Eat. Watch movies in bed. Just rest. You’ll be surprised how much difference rest can make in how you view your life!

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    1. Kaydee I have been on holiday o, and I still don’t feel like it. Could it be that I am just tired or not interested?? Cos I just want to be a baby girl and be taken care off


      1. Listen, if there is a rich house wife position open somewhere, I’m taking it!

        But also, if being tired isn’t the issue, maybe it’s time for a move? I don’t know. Ask your Daddy in heaven what’s up!


  2. I tell myself it’s not going to last forever. It’s a phase that’d pass soon.
    So each day I show up, I know I’m one step closer to a new level, a new phase, a new opportunity and a new beginning ☺️.

    And when I’m tired, I let myself absorb the tiredness (I don’t fake being strong😄)and let my body rest so I feel refreshed for the new day ahead.

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  3. Itunuolowa, I get you. What keeps me going to work every morning – sometimes I think about what I’ll do with the paycheck. 😉 other times, I remember why I chose that job and how much I love it and how its making a difference. there are many days when I really enjoy what I do and can’t see myself anywhere else and then there are some days 😯 you know those days 😫 those days, I do what Kay Dee said – take time off, relax with friends, treat myself 😍

    On a cold rainy or wintry day, ayyyy getting up is soooooooo hard. I hit snooze 😆😆 then I just get up. Once I’m up, there’s no problem. Recently, I have started planning my day the night before. So when I wake up, I have a morning routine that I start with which gets me moving and that is really helpful.

    I’m also building a business alongside my job. I know it will be successful cos My Father said so, so I focus on my focus and keep learning from others and working 🤩🤩 when it gets hard going, I talk to my network of people who are doing the same thing and we encourage each other.

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    1. Why did I choose the job?
      reading that really brought a little smile to my face. I will ruminate more on why it was this job

      Focus on my focus, thank you so much for sharing

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  4. When I do not feel like work, I know it is something deeper like it could be an emotional thing, or something happened at work that I now do not desire to go work no more. I always question why? Once I know the why? it will be easy to find solutions to my dilemma. Other times I just need to be away from work completely to do some self care on myself and return motivated and refreshed again. The last thing is I try to laugh as much as I can while at work so the day is fun

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  5. Thank you everyone I will sure return to my board. I have actively planned vacations into my calendar, so rest is covered.

    I will put in more effort to remember more why I chose the job and not how I am feeling at the moments I feel low. I will also look more into the cause for the feelings

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