The Easter miracle ~ Ayomide

It had been about three years since they had answered the call to follow Jesus. Each had his own story.

Nathanael was told he was “an Israelite indeed, in whom is no deceit.”

Peter and his brother Andrew heard the words, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men,” while casting their nets into the sea.

Matthew was sitting at his tax collector’s booth. And so on.

The disciples

The years that followed had been the most exciting and intense years of their lives.

Feeding of the 5000

It’s dinner time. It’s not exactly a party, but it’s a special meal.

Last supper

Amid the clatter of plates and cups, he makes a shocking statement: someone is going to let them down, The message is clear.

The deed had already been done …💭💭

Find out who the traitor is, motions a loud fellow (who was probably the one).

Is it me Jesus 😒😒

Right now, their dreams were dashed to pieces.

The mood was a somber one, Peter rebuked It and Jesus put him in his place, that’s how the story goes, He said.

Everything changed suddenly, Jesus was arrested, and less than 24 hours later He was executed as a criminal.

When even the bad things work out for good

The One they loved so deeply was gone. The most incredible person they had ever known was no more.

The life they had lived for the past three years was over. It seemed the future He had spoken of wouldn’t work out. He was dead.

It is finished

A few days after …..

Sad, confused, and afraid, they hid behind locked doors. How abruptly it had all come to an end—the work they had participated in, the love they had come to know so well. Everything changed almost instantly. The future was bleak, or so they thought.

Alas! They heard the news from the ladies, He had risen from the dead and was back with them. His presence changed everything. Though He had been executed as a criminal, the fact that He was standing there alive validated everything He had told them about Himself: that He was “the resurrection and the life,” that He would be killed but would be raised to life again three days later.

The tomb is empty

The truth of those words was now evident, because He was there, alive, and they knew their faith hadn’t been misguided. God’s plan hadn’t been defeated after all.

There’s always that one

Although things had changed, and Jesus was no longer present bodily, He was still able to do miracles; to bring the good news of salvation. Only now, instead of Him doing it in person, He did it through them.

The upper room

Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. It’s a celebration of His defeat of death, hell and Satan. 

Jesus redeemed us from our sins. He lived and died for us as individuals, and He’s with us today in spirit just as much as He was with those He walked beside two millennia ago.

No matter what circumstances we are in, no matter what changes have occurred, no matter how difficult things may be, He’s always alive in us. 

Wherever we are, His power and Spirit are with us. Let us show the world, the mixed-up, messed-up world that we are alive, by helping them connect with Him.

The miracle of Easter is that because Jesus didn’t remain in the grave, we don’t have to, either.

Go out there and live boldly for Christ.

Happy Good Friday people😊

7 thoughts on “The Easter miracle ~ Ayomide

  1. 🤗🤗🤗😭😭

    What an explicit way of relating the beauty of His sacrifice.
    Ayomide must had the privilege of walking through the heart of Jesus while writing this.


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