If he had known

Hey people I kept thinking about what to post today and I thought I would draw inspiration from old posts and then I stumbled on this one by Mama and instead of duplicating efforts, I decided to share this again, because the word of God is timeless and ever true, and I hope it blesses you. —————————————————————-

Easter is here! And it’s always a good season as any for miracles. I love Easter I make a big deal of it. It’s the real reason why we are. You can’t call the yourself a christian without Easter. It’s the biggest gift God gave us. The greatest gift Jesus gave us. Easter makes it all alright. What Jesus did at Easter remedied it all. It changes everything….

Because of what Jesus did at the cross and the power of resurrection that he made available to us by rising up and overcoming death and grave everything has changed … for me (practically sang that line. Thank you onos๐Ÿ˜)

You see when Jesus died on that cross, we died with him and not only did he nail our sins on the cross, he nailed everything that Satan uses to oppress us on that cross including infertility and miscarriages.

And when he died, it all died with him. When he was buried we were buried with him, alongside every negative doctors report but here’s the good news when he rose again we ressurected with him as new creatures- species that have never existed before. Interestingly without any of the ugliness that we were buried with. Haven’t you noticed that when Jesus arose he was given a new body? He didn’t have scars or bruises after just 3 days? What kind of healing power is that? The same kind that is at work in your life darling.

The beautiful thing about this life that you have received is that just like Jesus you didn’t just move from death to life

No!!! The same way Jesus gives life is the same way you have received power to give life. You are a life giver. Your body is alive to receive life and to give life. There is no reason – medical or otherwise strong enough to challenge this. Once it enters your spirit man it begins to connect the dots to every promise God has made toward you. – you cannot be barren – you cannot have a miscarriage – you will carry to full term. Three major promises that run through the entire bible whether old or new testaments. You will either simply get the expressly spoken promise and or testimonies of God’s faithfulness in other women’s lives. Go ahead search for yourself

You know what’s keeping us from getting all God has for us is the fact that most times we don’t even know what we are entitled to and Satan thrives on that. Easter is as good a time as any to get back into the Word. Find out what we have “in Him” what God has gifted us in Christ Jesus. So let me share one of my biggest easter revelations with you. It’s one of my best sides of Easter. It’s what makes you know that our God is God alone. As the Yorubas say “KABIYESI!!! Incomparable one. Master planner. Amazing God.

So you know how Satan was really panicked about Jesus going about doing good? Healing the sick, raising the dead and setting the demon possessed free? Basically he was “spoiling market” for him as they say here in Nigeria. So what did he decide to do? Put an end to all the drama by killings Jesus. So he came up with this elaborate plan of Judas’ betraying him, the apostles abandoning him, soldiers arresting him, his people rejecting him, Pilate crucifying him. He thought he had won ….

You know it’s really still the same as ever today. Satan thought he had me where he wanted me – PCOS, infertility, bleeding, etc but he had no clue that God had a bigger plan. Just as he didn’t know that killing  Jesus was the plan, he also didn’t know that my learning and building my faith to beat infertility was the plan.

I always say if he had known, he would have gotten out of my way sooner. If I had my babies in the first 2 years of marriage there would be no testimony and definitely no ministry born out of this. I know this: no matter what the enemy planned or how long it delays it MUST end well.

If the devil knew this he would simply just let us be but then he’s cursed with stupidity isn’t he? I mean he didn’t see it coming…. he never sees it coming…

While he’s still jubilating that he’s won …the heavens start to unfold their master plan and by the time he gets it , it’s too late.

Jesus has won! He always wins!!! That’s why I’m confident you will beat this !!! Because you carry the life of God on the inside of you. It’s that life giving power that makes dead things (even dead wombs) come to life.

Doesn’t that just excite you? Life!!! New life that doesn’t already exist can be called into your womb. Aren’t you just grateful for what Jesus did on that cross? So now go and find those scriptures and hold onto them till they produce.

I’m right here waiting for all your many testimonies. I’m so sure you will testify darling. I know it like I know my name.

Much love

Pastor M

8 thoughts on “If he had known

  1. While heโ€™s still jubilating that heโ€™s won โ€ฆthe heavens start to unfold their master plan and by the time he gets it , itโ€™s too late.



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