Easter story lessons

Dear wives, how are we all doing? The kids are home, asking for food every minute, you have watched one episode of paw patrol for the 50th time and I know you can’t wait for the holidays to be over but two weeks seem like forever 😋, not to worry, you will send them back to their teachers soon enough.

Kids being kids 😛

Well last week our in house chef, graciously gave you a recipe for Easter but this week I thought we should get serious for a minute and learn a few lessons from the Easter story.

So many lessons

I don’t know about you , but I love Easter, it doesn’t get as much love as Christmas does but it’s the most important holiday in my book. Don’t roll your eyes yet, if He wasn’t born, would he have died on the cross, maybe not but if He didn’t die, if He just took one long look at us and said nope (they ain’t worth it) where would we be?

As I read the story again and read a couple of books, a few lessons came to light and I will share them with you.

Betrayal- no one prays for this in a marriage, in fact I mentally snapped my fingers over my head because God forbid bad thing as we say in Nigeria, but sometimes these things happen. I don’t think Judas planned to wake up that day and sell his soul for some small change but he did. I don’t think he did it because he hated Jesus or he wanted to hurt him but it was a stupid decision and it cost him his life. Now I am not giving anyone a hall pass, but sometimes your marriage will go through betrayal, whether infidelity, putting you down in public, choosing their family over you, it could be a 1001 things… it will not be easy to let go of the hurt, especially because it’s your significant other and it doesn’t mean your spouse loves you any less but like Judas people do what they feel is right in the moment, but I hope like Jesus that you extend the same love to your spouse if you ever get betrayed or if you are going through a betrayal but I also want you to understand that the betrayal could also come from you and you could also be looking for grace, so give it if you need to.

Especially from the one you love

Sacrifice- I mean God loved us so much that He gave us His only son, like who does that? Jesus knew that no matter how much He enjoyed turning water to wine , healing the sick , winning souls … He knew he was going to die, He knew the how and the when and even though He prayed “if it be your will, let this cup pass over me” I think He understood the assignment and hard as it was, He did it anyway. So how much do you sacrifice for your spouse, are you team “me and my children” is your husband on his own in the family or do you always put him first no matter what, whether the situation favors you or not, because marriage isn’t a you affair, it’s pleasing your partner and putting their needs first, just like Jesus did many years ago, He knew we needed saving and He put us before His pain and gave His life that you might live and that’s what love is, that’s the vow you took.

And that’s on Jesus and the cross

Forgiveness- Mama always says , forgive in advance , like if there is anything you are going to pack to your husband’s house, it is forgiveness. Whether he asks for it or not, or you feel like it or not, you forgive, even before the offense comes. yes, you may need to talk some things through, but whatever you do, forgive. Jesus knew the game, He forgave Judas even before Judas knew he would kiss him to death. He healed the soldier’s ear, when Peter decided to play Robin Hood, even in the middle of His arrest (only Jesus could sha) , He still prayed to God and said father forgive them for they know not what they do and decides to give the thief beside him a place at the table (like why?)… so sister I know he hurt you but if we are trying to be like Jesus, take a forgiving pill and turn the other cheek because that’s what Jesus would do.

What mother Theresa said 😉

We all need a Savior – I know you gat this marriage thing on lockdown, I know your own was made in heaven, I know your spouse is the definition of husband material but the truth is every marriage needs Jesus. You need Him when things get rocky, when the in-laws are difficult and you need wisdom, you need Him when your marriage has gone through a rough patch, when your husband isn’t born again and you need him to change , you need Him when life comes with its difficulties like infertility, strange women, infidelity, you need Him to raise godly kids, to navigate these strange times, you need Him sha, even when the times are good. So I hope that you put Jesus at the center of your marriage because a three fold cord cannot be easily broken and let’s face it, we all need Jesus.

Only one

And Lastly love – I know right this is the easy part, you love you husband dearly but do you love his flaws, his weird habits, do you love him when he doesn’t take your advice , when he puts his mother first, doesn’t support your dreams, when he treats you bad , doesn’t bring home the bacon, always relies on you to do it all, doesn’t believe in your prayers or your God? Do you still love him when he is impatient, do you go to bed without cooking dinner because he has come home late 3 times this week, do you love his family like yours ? Do you keep a record of his wrong, do you forgive?

I am sure Jesus was not thinking of all your wrongs but instead he thought you were worth every stroke as they beat him, as He carried the cross, he saw your sins and sickness buried, it was His love that kept him going, and it was that same Love that brought him to the cross. Anyone can love when it’s all good but it takes a special kind of person to love through the hard and bad times, so be that person.

For God so loved….

Whew!! I feel like Jesus did after the woman with the issue of blood touched Him ( like virtue left me), because I just preached a storm 😛 so this is the time when you give your offering, I shall leave my account details below or you can see me in my office 😂😂😂.

Alright beautiful ladies, go home and outdo your husband’s in Love and make God the center of your marriage. May God give you all grace to do it well and that your marriage is a true representation of Christ’s love for us.

Love and light


11 thoughts on “Easter story lessons

  1. Thank you ma for this piece. May God’s love overwhelm us to always act right in all areas of our lives. Amen.


  2. This was so beautiful to read. ❤
    Some very important things to note when it comes to relationships. I no get man sha, but I’ll apply them to my frienships. 😂
    Thank you. ❤


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