Put God First

About five years ago I started playing with the idea of leaving Nigeria. I was unhappy with my job, tired even. I had applied for jobs, spoke to people who knew people,who knew the people and still nothing.

Since everyone was going to the abroad, I too decided why not? so I did the next best thing since slice bread , I went about gathering information and decided on Canada, don’t ask me why , I just followed the bandwagon and everything seemed to be coming together. I tried every route there was because don’t put all your eggs in one basket and I felt like I had this thing on lockdown but God said , By yourself, you don’t gat nothing 😂.

The first time I tried , I was refused , I went into the migration pool and I was there for one year until it expired and had to try again, in that time it seemed like everyone I had started the process with, was making headway but not me , I was refused the second and third time too… somewhere in-between all this, my sister who was cheering me on and of cos spending the money passed and a few months after my mum too, so trust me to blame God for everything that was going wrong.

Anyway I finally remembered that I had God on speed dial and I called Him, and I had an honest conversation with Him, and His reply hit me, “I didn’t send you”. But I had the audacity to quote His words back to him wrongly , but you said “Wherever you go, I’ll give you that land, as I promised Moses”.

You also said “You will capture the land everywhere you go, from the Southern Desert to the Lebanon Mountains, and from the Euphrates River west to the Mediterranean Sea”

I reminded Him that “the earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him” and to all that he agreed but He said again, I didn’t send you.

And finally I listened but more than that I heard, and He said simply, UK ; see I didn’t like Uk at all, I wanted to be far away, I thought it was too expensive, how could I afford the fees, it’s not easy to migrate and God left me with my thoughts because once will He speak and hopefully twice will I hear.

Anyway I grudgingly started the process and here I am today, it all worked out well. The story isn’t over but I like the plot so far.

I learned two important lessons from this journey.

Firstly, don’t move without God, a lot of us want something , or want to do something and we never seek God’s face first, we make all the plans and then like a guest, we invite Him to come and make the journey smooth : news flash – you serve at the pleasure of the King and not the other way round.

I would still be learning my lessons, if I didn’t go back to speak and hear from God. So don’t be like me , seek God first He is the most important person in this journey called life.

Secondly just because God said go, doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy but because He is on the journey with you, He has anticipated every bump, stop, issue along the way and He sorts them as they come along.

My time here hasn’t been easy at all, there were days I wanted to give up, days I just wanted to go back to my fathers house because at least I didn’t have to pay rent , days I had to ask God again, “did you really say go” because it be hard but I can tell you for free that even though the journey isn’t easy, going on His command makes all the difference in the world.

So I am just here to encourage you this week, don’t go without Jesus , don’t go and then invite Him as an afterthought, don’t go and when things get crazy , you want to rub your lamp and make 3 wishes, don’t go until God says so and I not talking about moving, I am talking about that school, that job, that marriage and everything in-between.

I once read somewhere that life without God, would be a series of meaningless efforts and irredeemable failures and that’s exactly what my case was , until I went back to ask God.

I know you are smart and hardworking, but God is the real plug, so I hope that in all that you do, you put Him at the center.

Alright people , I hope this blesses you today. I am so sorry I missed posting yesterday, I am on holiday and managed to lose my phone and just got that all sorted.

I will be back tomorrow, for now I am going back to my view and listening to beautiful people speak the language of love.

à demain 😉

Toujours l’amour ❤️


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