When I can’t sleep…

Hey people!

How are you? How are you guys doing? First of all let me say thank you to all the amazing writers who have been holding it down on the blog especially my darling Disemi.

Disemi 😍

I literally hit gold the day you came into my life. Let’s not start on all the amazing ways you’ve been there for me.

So, today, I woke up at 3am this morning and for the last 2 hours I’ve been trying to go back to sleep

… but it’s just not working 😩

Meanwhile, right beside me is my amazing husband snoring away soundly. Yep! #jealousmuch

Such is life 😀

So since I’m awake I might as well make the most of it. Interestingly I would think that sleeping long hours would be easy for me now since at the end of the day I’m always so spent.

Well, it’s not happening so since my eyes are wide open and I’m wide awake even though I’m so tired, let’s do what I do when I can’t sleep … life review

AKA thinking of my life 😂

Lol! Yes you heard me. Let’s review our lives. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t drag you into this. Let me review MY life and you can tag along if you like. It’s scary but it’s an important exercise especially because we are one quarter down in the year.

I usually break it down into these areas. All Ps so you can remember them easily.


what plans did I have at the beginning of the year and how well have I stayed on track with them? My plans cover a wide range of things – spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, career, ministry, etc. Top of the list though was

To institutionalize Just Us Girls Global Network while managing my health and family life better and ensuring that I stay in Mary mode.

The question I’ve been asking myself is



Minstry projects top the list on this one too. My family projects were just two. I think I will keep those private. Let me share the one that concerns you. Lol!

⁃ Just Us Girls (the series)

⁃ Pastor’s wives appreciation

⁃ 12 new books covering a wide range of topics

⁃ Bible Before Breakfast podcast

⁃ JUGN Tribes set up globally

⁃ 7 Conferences

⁃ More media presence

⁃ More “good works”: humanitarian in nature.


setting up clear systems that run with or without me. A network of team leads and partners that make the work easier. Getting to the point where everything works like clockwork.

Maybe because we just recently lost a loved one, the reality that you only live once then you have to pass the baton has hit home more. Knowing that we only get one chance to hit this has been hovering over me. Jesus had such strong systems. I’m just learning from that.


This has to be the hardest part of my life review. Knowing those to hang on to and those to let go of. Knowing when a person’s season has ended in your life and when yours has too. Hanging on to dead things is never a good thing. If the stench doesn’t kill you, It can make you sick. Part of my people review is also knowing who to put where and what access to give them. Dealing with people is just hard sha but can we really do without?

Love this song ❤️❤️


I also look closely at the things I can’t do now but that have potential to be great. Somethings I take out of my NOW box and move onto my LATER box and it’s not because I’m procrastinating. It just hasn’t matured. Its time had not yet come.


where am I at? Who am I? This person I am today is she moving me closer to the person I want to become? Am I more prepared for the place God is taking me? Am I kinder? Am I more equipped to bless more lives? Am I more patient? Am I more driven? Am I in a healthy place – mentally? Emotionally? Physically and financially?

Okay, so now I’m fully awake. Lol! After reviewing all this. I’m gearing to go… I’ve got people to do and places to see.

Oops! Maybe I should stay in bed a few more hours seeing as I mixed that up.

And if you didn’t notice, then you should probably get some rest too and don’t worry, God gives to us even when we rest.

Isn’t that amazing though?! No need to worry. Just sleep and even when reviewing your life, NEVER DO IT IN FEARY OR ANXIETY. I simply look over my life to put my WHY and WHAT in view. To be honest, I ususllay leave the HOW up to God. So please sleep o!

Even lion Dey sleep 🤷🏽‍♀️

Love you guys

Pastor mildred

19 thoughts on “When I can’t sleep…

  1. Awww mama 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 The way your posts hits ehn, can you tell that I have missed you? It haff tey!!! I was just thinking the same thing and asking my self how I am doing with all those goals and things, some are going good , others not so much. This is a good wake up call, to go back to the board and focus again. Thank you mama , ya back atink 😋😉?


  2. …And after reading this well detailed piece, I don’t think I’ll sleep in three days!
    All those things I wrote down as my new year resolution 🤨 how far have I gone with them🤔 this is indeed a wake up call… i have slept inbetween and now it’s time to stay awake!
    Thank you MAMA for not letting me sleep on bike😮 I shall sleep no more… okay maybe a little😊


  3. Reviews! Thanks for the journey mama! And for the strong systems you have built and will build. God knows your network have reached out to me times without number even though I have been far away from the DCC family. God bless you ma


  4. So God kind of adjusted my plans for the year, everything is moving so fast. I know I’m in the perfect will of God for me right now🤗


  5. This is definitely one of those posts I have to revisit and take notes on. Surprisingly I have also been thinking about the goals I set at the beginning of the year and re-listening to Apostle Selman’s “Choose Life” sermon from Gaining Momentum.

    I love the idea of pushing certain things to later/not yet instead of now and to focus on the things that really matter- like staying in Mary mode. Thank you Mama and all the guest blog writers! This year is turning out well because it is the year that our God goes before us!🥰


  6. Thanks Pastor M…❤. You just helped me narrow down the steps to a life assignment that’s overdue. I’m saving this one for current and future uses.


  7. This is so apt because we’re already in the second quarter of the year, and one of my resolutions was that I wouldn’t let life pass me by this year. I wonder how well that is going.

    Now I’m off to go and review my year so far and buckle up in the places that are lacking.

    Thank you mama!! 🥺❤❤


  8. Thank PM…time to go back and reflect….and it was good to read from you too…been a long while but we thank God for the team, they have been holding this down and keeping us very engaged and entertaining.


  9. After reading this I noticed that there are a lot of procastination in my life and it’s really holding me down and I have to remove procastination from my life.


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