The gift called single ~ Itunuoluwa Odetokun

I was sat in one of my favorite places, “My nest” aka my car, staring at the award I had just received, for best performer of the year, for the third time in a row. I was so proud and it was such an accomplishment, especially as a lady in “TECH” and as I looked at the award and thought about how far I had come, I let the tears flow 😭.

You see, everything in my life seems to be working out well, it was like following a manual and in many ways I guess I was because I was acting on His instruction per time and all but One thing was yielding the result I or society wanted.

I have achieved many things, I am well respected at work , make my own money , but I still get the “look”, the one society gives when they see you haven’t married and wonder if your money is legit.

I stared at the award and two scriptures came to mind, “People receive houses and money from their parents, but a good wife is a gift from the Lord.” and Proverbs 18:22 “He who finds a [true] wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.”

With tears rolling down my cheeks I asked my Daddy questions, Am I not a good wife? Why is no one receiving me as a gift? Why have I not been found?

And His reply on this day as I felt His warm embrace like we were two in that space was: “a gift does not know when it will be sent, it just sits pretty and ready for dispatch dear”.

With my breathing gradually getting back to pace from wailing and my mind trying to integrate each word of the response, I understood ‘my day of dispatch’ popularly called ‘wedding day’ is something I am yet to know but I am saddled with the responsibility of availability and being presentable, never to be caught unfresh 😉as they say.

I lifted my head from the steering wheel feeling better and confident not because my phone beeped from a credit alert or signaled a lunch/dinner date but from the realization that I am a treasured gift and must remain the same 😊.

Marriage is an assignment, so is my life and I need to steward this right before I take on the responsibility of assisting another 😉, because FOREVER IS A JOURNEY WITH NO END IN VIEW……


This one definitely made me feel warm and fuzzy, I am such a gift 🎁, a good and perfect gift from God. To all my single ladies , hang in there, sit tight and pretty. #stayfresh

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Love you all plenty


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