Feminism ~ Kay-Dee Mashile

Hi, I’m Kay-Dee Mashile and I’m a recovering feminist. I was first introduced to feminism academically in 2017, and I had sworn that I wouldn’t ever call myself a feminist before that point. But when I first learned that the fundamental basis of feminism is that women are equally human and should be treated and respected as such in all spheres of society, I resolved to learn what God says about women.

When I found out that the Bible also agrees that women are equal in essence and only different in role to men, I started to call myself a Christian feminist. I didn’t want people thinking that God permits the oppression of women, I actually wanted them to see the beauty in God’s design of male-female relations and roles. My mission was also to educate my fellow believers on the true meaning of the word “feminism” and somewhat remove the bad taste it tends to leave on people’s mouths.

On every platform that I’ve had the opportunity to speak on feminism, I mentioned that activism (at least for me) is about standing for a course, not against. Therefore, for me, feminism is very much for women and not necessarily about being against men. It isn’t about bashing men or hating on them. It isn’t even about saying women should be equal to or be treated the same as men, it isn’t about men at all. It is about the protection and empowerment of women as human beings, period. 

So, here is where the story changes… I have been feeling conflicted about my work as a woman empowerment activist and a feminist for a while now. I mean, back in university, we would protest for weeks and then nothing happens but life seems to go on. It took a huge toll on me, but I really believed that that’s all I could do – stand up for the rights of women and be vocal about it. But what if there is more? What if God is calling me to do a lot more than protest and advocate for women’s rights? These are questions that have been bothering me for the past week or so. 

At the same time, I am aware that in a fallen world, the empowerment of vulnerable people groups will always have a place. We may never get to a place where we don’t need to protect, empower and/or educate women on their rights. However, I felt that God was calling me to do it differently… He led me to start praying for the restoration, redemption and revival of men. Strange right? So must we now leave the victims and focus on the perpetrators? No. Not at all. 

In 2017, the UNODC estimated the global total female homicide rate at 2.3 per 100,000 female population. South Africa’s rate that year was 10.1 per 100,000.  Whereas, the overall average was about 32 homicides per 100,000 people in South Africa. This means that for every woman killed, two men were also killed – and the killers are almost always men. This then makes me wonder, are men purposely killing and abusing women or is there a bigger issue of violence that needs to be dealt with? If we can dig deeper to the root of the issue that is causing men to be violent, period, surely we can also figure out why they’re oppressing women and seek a more permanent solution… what do you think? 

Get me right, I am not saying that we must stop empowering women now and entirely shift our focus to the men, I am only saying that we must be willing to look at the issues in the proper context both socially and spiritually. Because however much we empower women, woman empowerment alone can never really restore society to God’s design. Unless those women are also being empowered to get on their knees and seek God’s face… For example, if we prayed for and equipped men to become better [and more present] fathers, single motherhood would be done away with. So, for the sake of women and The Church at large, men need to heal, repent, and stand up to lead their families. If there were no men left who are willing to violate women, then the violation of women would be done away with… the same goes for all that is wrong with society today. The solution lies in the restoration of God’s design for mankind. 

So, is feminism a sin? Maybe not. But you know what is in fact sinful? To know what to do and not do it. It would be sinful FOR ME to now continue doing business as usual when God has commissioned me to pray for men… now, am I still a feminist? I’m still battling with that part.

So tell me people , what’s your take on feminism, are you for or against, how do you think people handle it these days???

Don’t just read, leave a comment, tell us your thoughts. 😉😉😉


12 thoughts on “Feminism ~ Kay-Dee Mashile

  1. I love your perspective. i really do. I really will not like to identify with FEMINISM. because of the way the term has been abused and has been a front for offended women to bash men… but this piece is very refreshing and has made me open to read more pieces like this and be less defensive or offended when the word is mentioned…


  2. I think I also fall under the umbrella of “recovering feminist”.

    This was such a refreshing piece to read. And an eye opener too. We need to tackle the problem from the root, if not it will keep coming back.
    Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!! ❤


    1. It’s the keep coming back that got me on my knees praying! 🙌🏾

      I’m glad you enjoyed the read also 🤗❤️


  3. Don’t stop at the surface, go extra, dig deep to identify the root of issues then work the way back up.

    Thank you Kay-dee


  4. Focusing on the root cause of the feminism movement, praying for our men…… then we would be solving most of the issues feminism fights against. Great write up babe


  5. I am a retired feminist. I don’t struggle with it anymore. The reason why I don’t propagate feminism anymore is simple there is so much wrong around it. Now feminism is an avenue for single bitter women to propagate their hate towards men. Women who don’t know their basic responsibility on submission wrap around the web of feminism. So much wrong around it. What is fair is we should all be treated well both men and women and be allowed to maximize our God given potential.


  6. wow, reading this opened me to a new perspective of feminism and what it is and what it should be about.
    I won’t say I’m a feminist but i do believe that women and men are equal but our role is different


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