Hey people,

How are we doing , it’s another Monday and I can’t say I am exactly thrilled about it. I can’t wait to hammer so I can take Mondays off, because there’s a certain tension that comes with it as an employee that I don’t like or maybe it’s just my job.

Anyway, I came across a tweet recently on Twitter and I thought I would share a little something from it.

The tweet simply read “I have been shot, please pray for me”. I like to read through comments under tweets like this and I was not disappointed.

People literally ate her up, if you had been shot you wouldn’t tweet about it , some people said she was just tweeting for clout, no one had any nice thing to say and I totally get that, because if I had gotten shot, I probably would not have thought Twitter first, I would be praying to my father in heaven or maybe sent a message to mama instead but let people just be.

I kept reading and her friend responded to the thread “I hope you are all happy now, because she was actually shot and she died”, she was on that train that got attacked recently in Nigeria and I think she just didn’t know what was going to happen and that was a dying girl’s tweet and it hurt me more to think that, those were the last tweets she probably saw before she died.

My father used to say something to me, he would call me by my full government name if I said something totally stupid and with a finger pointed to his temple, he would say “think before you speak”.

So today I am going to tell you the same thing my dad always said, THINK.

T – truth: As Christians it’s important that we are consistently speaking the truth. I know you might be tempted, a little white lie is still a lie, an omission is a lie, and just because your best friend told you doesn’t also mean it’s true. so speak the truth, speak the word and I know we always like facts, so remember this fact, God’s word is the truth.

H- Helpful: I used to be guilty of this though and maybe I still am but I am learning. When I went through those tweets I talked about earlier, all their thoughts were valid, but she posted it, and maybe the why of it didn’t make sense to you but instead of asking stupid questions, maybe someone could have actually prayed , encouraged , built up her strength, asked her to hold on , instead people pulled her down and went wild in the comments. It might not make sense and your questions might be valid but if it doesn’t help the situation in anyway “Fi Le” .

I – inspiring; years ago when I first opened my Twitter account, it was all vibes and cruise but today twitter has become a gallow and people just want to hang you for every thing, so I make it a point to share little pieces of nuggets that inspire or make you think, that edify or build up. I am not saying be a “Martin Luther King” everyday but don’t be that person that pulls another down. let your words always build up, encourage and inspire.

N- Necessary: I have a friend who constantly asks me “was that necessary”? It usually happens when I was probably right about something and he didn’t take my advice and because I am a woman and always right, I tend to want to rub it in his face, with an I told you so attitude and his response is always the same “was it necessary”. So the next time you want to state the obvious, or insult your domestic staff, or respond to a post on Instagram ask yourself if it’s necessary.

K-Kind: I will make this quick and we probably all know what I am about to say “if you don’t have anything kind to say, say nothing at all”, It’s that simple.

So as you go about today and this week, I hope you carry this with you in your spirit, I hope that as a mother , a boss, a friend , as a stranger on social media that before you speak, give feedback, talk to your kids or domestic help or before you pour your thoughts out on that post that you take a moment to just think before you speak because spoken or written words cannot be taken back.


Okay I gotta run , I have a busy week ahead and an even busier day. So I hope you all enjoy your day and I also hope you Think as you go about your merry way.

Love and light


17 thoughts on “THINK

  1. Thank you, auntie Disemi. We really need to make thinking before speaking a habit. If we must speak, our words must be kind. Those comments on that lady’s tweet can kill faster than the bullet itself. God help us all 🙏


  2. Think before I talk, pausing for some seconds before my mouths open won’t hurt.

    Let my words be inspiring, thank you Disemi, such a great way to start the week.


  3. The undeniable fact remains that “God’s word is the truth”
    We need to normalize thinking before speaking especially on social media. The fact that it’s one’s personal device and opinion doesn’t always mean it should go public

    WORDS and SWORD have the same letters and could have the same effect if we don’t learn to think before we speak

    Thank you Disemi. God bless you for this reminder


  4. Thanks disemi….what a thoughtful way to Start my week THINK. Thanks for the sacrifice you go through for this daily piece. God bless you for your consistency .


  5. Think before you speak!!
    Will definitely be intentional about it this week and in the weeks to come.
    Thank you aunty Disemi for your nuggets of wisdom. ❤


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