Waiting ~ Asemota Joan

I was staring out the aircraft, going from Lagos to Jos, just thinking about my time in Lagos and silently resolving to do better with this new slate God had given me

My seven year stint as a single girl in Lagos didn’t end the way I had envisaged. Especially with relationships. The bushy tailed, bright starry eyed 26 year old who had dreams of getting her masters done, meeting the man of her dreams, getting an amazing Job, and settling down with a great family all in Lagos was definitely not the very single 33 year old who was seated at 26F on the Arik air flight enroute Jos on a transfer.

Thinking deeply, Lagos wasn’t all that bad. I came into the town as a jobless graduate with a third class degree, hoping that my late Dad’s friends would be able to get me a comfortable job which would help sponsor my post graduate studies .

But life isn’t that simple, the disappointments I faced trying to get a job through them really reinforced the wisdom filled words that said “woe to him that puts his trust in man”.

God showed up for me though, He made a way for me to acquire a Masters Degree ( without doing a post graduate diploma) on a 40k salary, my fees were always paid on time, and all my needs fully met.

God was always there, I was never without a job and yeah they were not six figure paying jobs, but I was gainfully employed all the time and never without a roof over my head.

Long story short, God took care of me, I had me a good job, comfortably house, I could afford to feed and buy myself the stuff I needed and yeah all with my third class degree, which I had been told wouldn’t get me anywhere in my life.

They said I needed connections , said I couldn’t go far with a 3rd class, you need to know someone , smile at the guys , be nice to them but this small girl has a big God and He showed up big time.

So what more could a girl ask for? well a Man, a godly, tall, dark , rich and handsome man (😂😂)

I put myself out there, I be better pikin but my relationship life simply refused to fall ‘under anointing’ and submit itself to the word. By my seventh year in Lasgidi, I had been in so many failed relationships that, I had concluded in my mind that I was just good enough to be friends with the men and not married to them.

So I had made up my mind that in this new phase of my life (when my Transfer instructions came through) that I would face my God, my work, my family, friends and be content with them.

Well until, Ola waltz into my life four months later and sweeps me off my feet. He was saying all the right things, doing all the right things, and I will admit, I was excited and thought finally this was going to happen for me but alas it didn’t last three months (sorry to burst your bubble)

So as I sat there, thinking of the last few years, while waiting for the flight to take off ,the story of the Shunnamite woman comes to mind. She seemed to have it all; a rich husband who listened to her, a powerful servant of God who was speaking blessings into her life to make it more fulfilling, having her only miracle child snatched away by the cold hands of death ( by a mere headache o, just imagine!), she still declared “All is well” even as her heart was reeling from the sudden loss of her long awaited miracle baby;

I’ve come to realize that, even though my marriage dreams are yet to be fulfilled, there’s still so much to thankful for, and that I only have a myopic view of the rich grace filled life God has in store for me, that my disappointments are simply pedestals upon which my godly desires will be displayed for all the world to see and exclaim ‘ Look what the Lord has done”.

I have resolved in my heart to remain thankful for all my past bleassings and positive in the promise that God makes all things beautiful in His time. I will keep believing that no word of His would go back to Him denied of its expression in my life, and like the shunammite woman I will keep declaring that all is well till I see it’s manifestation.

18 thoughts on “Waiting ~ Asemota Joan

  1. All is well. with this I have another reassurance that God’s will for me is the best.
    Thank you ma.
    God bless you


  2. The way i enjoyed this particular blog eeh.I love God and i thank him for he has done everything well.All is well daughter of Zion.God of times and seasons has the perfect timing.You are special


      1. Lovely read❤
        God has got us even though it looks like we
        don’t have it all together. We rest in His plans and promises. It is well!


  3. I love this piece! Particularly because it painted a picture of me. Just 5 five ago I left Bayelsa to transfer back to Enugu on transfer. I had come into the two as a starry-eyed 25-year old Fresh from service right into a banking job. I could not believe I am going back to my state still single🤭 But within 3 years there my story changed dramatically. Marriage, a child and He topped it off with relocation to Europe🤗🥰. Our God truly gat His girls. We might not see it now but trust someone who God has shown favour that He’s always, always working behind the scenes to bring about something beautiful 👌👌


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