3 lessons

Hello people and all my single ladies 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻, it’s been a fun week with all our Easter posts and just seeing all the various interpretations of what Easter means and the many lessons we learnt from the Easter story. As a Christian Easter isn’t a one day celebration thing, it’s not just a holiday we mark on our calendars or time off work, for us … Continue reading 3 lessons

Still in the spirit of Easter ~ Kay-Dee Mashile

When I think about Easter, this scripture comes to mind: “Will anyone believe the news that we have to tell people? Will anyone understand how the Lord has used his great power? “God’s servant grew up in front of him, like a young, green plant, with its roots in dry ground. He was not handsome. He did not seem like a great king. We did … Continue reading Still in the spirit of Easter ~ Kay-Dee Mashile