And Hannah went home

Hey yummy mummies

How was Hannah’s Heart Conference? Don’t answer that because I could tell from my large screen that it was amazing 🤩, and you all looked like you had an amazing time in God’s presence

So let me share some pictures with y’all

I could not believe the crowd, it made my heart break to think that so many women were coming to seek a Samuel but it also made me happy that they were coming to God and no one else

They came with smiles
God always pulls the crowd sha
They didn’t come to play

The welcome was warm and beautiful

Women like pictures sha 😂
Promises received
It’s the smile for me
Because God always has a word

And some amazing daddies showed up too

Because it takes 2

Decor was fab as usual

It’s the sweet colors for me

And because we need a physical representation to keep our faith alive , we had a baby room corner and the ladies had their pictures taken

Just look at those beautiful gifts from God
That’s how she will look at her Samuel
It’s the joy for me
Baby bump loading

You know the ladies had to do a full photo session, because I mean we cannot allow the fineness to go to waste 😉

Loved the signs
And God will do it
And her countenance changed 😉
Twin mum loading

We whipped out the faith board for this one and they got to write their baby’s name and I love it because it was a write the vision and make it plain moment

Because God can
Go on call your baby by name

We didn’t forget the refreshments because we know you are eating for two or is it three

Baby was just hungry for sweet mouth

And yes they also got gifts because who leaves a baby shower without gifts

Very cute body suits
No one was left out

Even our yummy mums in diaspora , because mama gat you

Chinwe ministered and it was such a blessing, because she reminded us that it’s all about Jesus, He is the center of it all, He is our why and even our babies are for Him.

And you know mama brought the word and I hope you hid that word in your heart, so you can always remember it, confess it and declare it.

She signed books, cheesed for the camera and gave her signature hugs 🤗

I hope that like Hannah, when you left the conference that your countenance changed, I hope that you went home and “knew” your husband and will continue to “know” him and I hope that you cleaned your eyes and you ate because the Lord has remembered you and God can always be trusted.

I love you all loads and congratulations because you all deserve your beautiful bouncing healthy blessings.

Love lots


16 thoughts on “And Hannah went home

  1. Amazing! what a wonderful time un His presence.The smiles in thier faces is priceless.Thank you Lord for you have done everything well.Glory!!!


  2. Glory my countenance changed and I’m convinced that my twins are growing in me already. We are not disadvantaged in any way. I’m so happy. It was an awesome conference my promise is amazing. Thanks PM and JUG Tribe.


  3. This brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful. And this too shall turn to a testimony. We will doubtless return next year for the thanksgiving with our yummy mummies because God can be trusted ❤️


  4. Wow, just Wow. Thank you sis Disemi for capturing the conference. It was an encounter moment that I will continue to relive until I have my twins in my hands. Thank you PM and JUGs UK tribe. God bless you abundantly xxx


  5. Heart warming pictures
    Their countenances were surreal
    I literally see baby bumps all over
    GOD has done it already
    He’s too faithful to go back on HIS own word
    It is done for all
    Done for each and every one of them

    May GODs holy name be praised now and forever


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