Pastor’s wives month

Hey people, it’s another Wednesday and you know we are here for “our wives” .

Quick side story, every time I hear people call a lady “our wife” the thing tickles me , and I am not talking about the type your boyfriend’s guys call you o😒. I am talking about when your mother Inlaw walks in and says “our wife” there is just something sweet about it (maybe it’s just the lover girl in me) but it gives me joy when I hear people say it and I cannot wait to be called our wife.

Ok I digress ….

As I was saying, today is the 30th and this month has been about appreciating Pastor’s wives all around the world and the idea is to celebrate the woman behind your man of God.

Every time I hear there is a day set aside for something I always roll my eyes; like how do they come up with these things? And trust me I have heard it all, from pancake day, to siblings day, and recently they said it was world mathematics day 😒, like who gave maths a whole day and why??

..but knowing that there was a whole month dedicated to Pastors wives is just amazing, everyone wants to see Pastor, everyone wants pastor to pray for them, everyone wants to give to pastor, everyone loves their papa… but this month we wanted to love up on the leading ladies because “Pastors wives matter”

So appreciate we did, as far as our hands could reach, from lagos

Pastor Deola , the “Bakers wife” if you don’t get it , forget it

To Ireland

Pink in so my color

The Uk was not left out, cos we represent

I am still asking for my own box o
She felt seen and this was all it took
We love to see it
This video had me cheesing

South Africa was not left out , Divine Celeste and the team came ready


Aba also represented us girls, and you know Igbo people don’t play when it comes to gifts 😂😂

Hope, we see you

And Us tribe came to press our necks…

I just wanted to be on the receiving end of this appreciation sha
All the boxes had something different and I love
It’s the smile for me

Other countries represented but they were just stingy with their pictures 😛 but I am glad that we could come together to do this, even more beautiful is the fact that we could all make a difference in our own little corners of the world.

I don’t know about you but it felt really good to see the smiles on their faces , it felt good to read from them, it felt good to hear them say thank you, because it felt like for the first time they felt seen, noticed and appreciated.

So I know the month has come to an end, I know we can all go back to business as usual but I hope the end of the month doesn’t mean the end of the appreciation. Don’t wait until next year before you show a pastors wife love. Instead show her everyday , sow a seed , send her flowers, take her out to lunch , pray for her, send her a gift card, call her, send her a message or be like me and write her a letter 😉 but whatever you do, show her love, because it’s really in the little things.

Dear Pastor’s wives , we have loved doing this month with you , we see you, we love you, we pray for you and we appreciate you.


Much love,





7 thoughts on “Pastor’s wives month

    1. Wow! This whole initiative really got me “wowed” .May God bless PM our reps ,tribe members and all those who made this a success.


  1. Aww so amazing thank God for the opportunity to be among this tribe. God bless our pastors wife and especially our dearest PM. We


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