Just us girls

Hey guys

Happy new week, I know I should have said that yesterday but since there is no time like the present I am saying it now. so happy new week 😁😁!!

I also realize that it’s dilemma Tuesday but since this is my party, I am going to run it like I want to😛😛😛 (Mama, na joke o)

Anywho, it’s been a beautiful month, and it is also a new week on the set of our Just us girls series and I figured I would share a few pictures with you all.

I remember years back we started shooting a just us girls series but it never got aired, and many years after God said I am not done with this project yet and here we are today…

It’s a totally different script , the best cast and crew and mama is still dreaming big, because you know if it’s for Jesus , she goes hard…

Mama doing mama

Wahala for who no get writers ink 🖊 concepts for speed dial and you know they know how to twist plots

Beauty and brains

Table reading went by in a flash

Serious business 😉
I spy with my eye , the glam master😛
When your producer goes into character- Iya Amina we see you

One minute the cast and crew were in photo shoot sessions

And now it’s lights, camera and action

Behind the scenes
Does anyone love Efa like I do 🥰? #crushing
Such a beaut

We have the top guns , the ones we all want to famz with

Is she going to give us some mama drama moves ??

We also have our in house stars , like joke like play we will be asking them for autograph soon

I feel like we are going to be “God when’ing” when their parts come up and I like it 🥰🥰

Better pay me now for access because once her face is on Netflix, you will need to sign forms to see her

I can’t wait for the action

The weeks are going by fast but the work isn’t done yet, there are still mouths to feed on set , bills that were not envisaged but are coming up, God has been amazing so far and He will make provision always but I hope you consider this as your project and not a Dcc or Pm project , because if it affects the body , it definitely concerns you, so I hope you partner in anyway that you can.

Details to note

A wise man once said that you are most like God when you give , so whether it’s your time, resources , your talent, passion or finance , I hope you join us and be a part of it.

Okay guys , I gotta run.

See you tomorrow

Love and light


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