Yummy mummies

Hi yummy mummies,

The D~day is finally here and I am so excited for you all

I am sure you are getting ready to go take your miracle babies, just like Hannah did when she went to Shiloh many many years ago… and believe me, you won’t come back empty

So I know today can be especially hard, with all of us making noise and shouting happy Mother’s Day up and down but isn’t it sweet and significant that we are having our conference today?

So don’t let the devil play with your emotions , don’t let him steal your joy , do not let him corrupt your mind because it’s a beautiful day to conceive, a perfect day to declare that you will not cast your young before it’s time , it’s a good day to have your baby shower and wear that sash with pride because whether the devil likes it or not , God has a date with you today.

So go on, don’t keep God waiting , if there are mothers out there , you best believe God wants your godly seed and he wants you, yes you to carry them.

Remember to say a prayer for the conference today, remember to sow a seed, it’s never too late and remember to tell someone, drag someone along or invite a yummy mummy and a daddy too.

I hope you make it today in person, because it will be fun, if you know mama , she does not play. There are loads of fun stuff planned for you all; a baby shower to start with, Mama is bringing the heat and even the angels are coming to minister through our sister “Chinwe”.

Don’t let anyone tell you how it went and if you can’t make it in person , you can always watch online, whatever you do, come with your best friend “faith” because God can be trusted.

Today when we say happy Mother’s Day, it is more than a wish , it is a prayer, it is a declaration of faith, it is the word becoming flesh.

Happy Mother’s Day

Love lots


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