It will happen for You

Dear yummy mummies,

I have been sitting here planning our baby shower(yes our, as per internet aunty), in my mind I have shopped the blues, pinks, and nudes with you all and I am so excited and I can’t wait for Sunday, so we can celebrate with you all and guess what, Pastor M will be ministering so you don’t even want to miss our mother’s blessing.



I know that your heart is racing, you keep looking at the calendar, praying to miss a period and you keep asking whether it will happen for you, well it will and I thought I would share pictures of some of our miracle babies with you.


In 2021 God promised us 400 babies and these are the faces of God’s promise …


so whether you want a boy


or you are all about the pinks, tutus and hair ribbons, then God has got you too


or you decide for all that wait you want double, my yummy mummy, God can


so maybe you have had a baby and have been believing for another, trust me that is also possible


And if you think, I don’t know these people, let me bring it home, just look at our very own twins


it doesn’t matter what your story is, because God will give you a testimony from your tests, you don’t believe me, read for yourself





I know sometimes its hard to stay in faith, you have been praying for 10 years but I just came here today to remind you that God knows and He will honour his word.



one last thing, always remember that God can be trusted.


love and light




18 thoughts on “It will happen for You

  1. God knows and He will honor His word. The key in that for me is to always find His word because He will always honor it.

    Thank you Disemi


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